What about Diamond Nexus Labs - what is their product? Lab grown diamond?

Diamond Nexus Labs "lab-grown diamond" has been tested by multiple labs (3 Independent Materials Analysis Labs) and in all cases, the product has repeatedly been shown to be ordinary CZ. 

Summary findings from the various labs:

1 - Anderson Materials ( - XPS analysis -

"The principal elements of the gemstone are Zirconium, Yttrium and Oxygen, so the gemstone is a common cubic zirconia".

Link to full report:

2 - Innovatech Materials Analysis ( - EDS and ESCA analysis:

"EDS analysis detected mainly zirconium, oxygen and yttrium with some hafnium and carbon.
No coating was detected

"ESCA showed oxygen, zirconium and yttrium and carbon. No evidence of a sapphire coating."

Note - Hafnium is a common impurity with Zirconium. 
Per Innovatech:  "The ESCA data will almost always show the presence of carbon on any as-received sample."  (due to hydrocarbons in the air)

Click to view full report in PDF Format

3  - Evans Analytical Group Materials Analysis ( - Raman Spectroscopy:
"Raman spectroscopy did not detect the presence of sapphire (corundum, Al203)on the "Diamond Nexus Labs" gem, which was indeed Cubic Zirconia (CZ)."

Click here to view full EAG Labs analysis in PDF format
Note that was hired to purchase two of the Diamond Nexus stones (for EAG Labs and Innovatech Labs testing) in order to preserve the details of the testing at the strict level required for use as evidence in legal proceedings (chain of custody, etc).

Additional evidence:  One of our Asha resellers recently replaced a Diamond Nexus Princess center stone with an Asha princess for a customer. In doing so, they noted that the faceting pattern of the Diamond Nexus stone was an exact match for the CZ sold by Stuller.  They took this photo to show the difference between an Asha princess (in tweezers) and the Diamond Nexus stone (in ring):

The Diamond Nexus stone (mounted in the ring above) as noted, looks amazingly identical to the Plain CZ princess sold by Stuller here:

Finally, a customer posted on the DNL facebook wall that per a former Diamond Nexus employee, that the Diamond Nexus stones were in fact plain CZ purchased from Stuller:

diamond nexus labs

These test findings and additional implied evidence are in stark contrast to their websites adamant claims that the product is "not a CZ", and their continuous misleading advertising of 'lab grown diamonds' for sale.

A sample of their advertising and claims is below:


Statements to customer about the composition of their product:

Claims on their website:

Diamond Nexus has never shown any verifiable, independent testing to refute the test results confirming it is a common CZ.  Why is that? 

Instead they threaten lawsuits and advertised those lawsuits, instead of simply providing proof that their product is not plain CZ.  And plain CZ absolutely does not have the same physical and optical properties of a diamond, whether lab grown diamond or natural diamond.

Further details from the Anderson Materials report include these specific findings:

  • "The principal elements of the gemstone are zirconium, yttrium, and oxygen, so the gemstone is a common cubic zirconia."

  • "No Hf, Fe, Ni, or Co were detected, despite Diamond Nexus Labs listing them as present in the FAQ's page of their website."

  • "An excess of oxygen was observed on the surface.  This may be due to the reaction which can cause cubic zirconia to become cloudy and is observed here in an early stage due to the great surface sensitivity of XPS."  [Comment: one benefit of the Asha's amorphous diamond coating is to prevent this reaction]   

  • "The claim that the gemstone is polycrystalline must come from a misunderstanding on their part.  A cubic zirconia gemstone which was polycrystalline would be very undesirable...The polycrystalline material is good for furnace bricks, but not for gemstones, especially given their claim to make the World's Finest Diamond Simulant Gemstones."

A full copy of the Anderson Materials Lab evaluation is here:
Diamond Nexus Labs XPS review and independent testing results

Of interest, after we posted the Anderson lab report in late 2007, we received a letter from Diamond Nexus Labs threatening to sue us, as well as spend "hundreds of thousands" of dollars on a smear campaign against our company unless we pulled the report from public view by Dec. 10, 2007.  It was interesting in that it did not make any claims that the lab was mistaken or provide any evidence refuting the lab report...rather it was focused on demanding we pull the report or face a smear campaign about our own product (on the apparent assumption that we were not really coating our product).  Unfortunately for them, the Asha simulated diamond is US Patented for a reason, and we have multiple independent lab reports verifying our amorphous diamond coating.  Further, we recently concluded a lawsuit against where Sona counterclaimed that BetterThanDiamond was falsely advertising...that did not go to well for them.  (Visit for more).

A copy of the letter is here (PDF format).  No legal action was forthcoming, since as any lawyer can advise "Truth is the ultimate defense".

Besides deceptively advertising their product as "lab grown diamond", Diamond Nexus previously took photos of natural diamonds, and even the Asha diamond simulant, and represented them to customers as being photos of their product.  One blatant example (from 2006) is shown below:

Original photo of a 1920's natural Asscher diamond by Nelson Rarities Photo as shown on Diamond Nexus website and saved Sept. 1, 2006.  This photo was used as the product photo for their Asscher cut.  
(blue arrows added after to highlight the leftover prongs). 

Of further interest, the CEO of Diamond Nexus (Gary LaCourt) was apparently convicted of fraud and served time in prison before starting Diamond Nexus Labs.  After his release from prison and before starting Diamond Nexus, he apparently billed himself as the "Internet Dating Professor" and hawked an online guide promising secrets for middle aged men to easily garner a 'bumper crop of hot babes' at the website

Another poster has claimed, with supporting evidence from domain registration of Diamond Nexus,  that the other founder of Diamond Nexus (Robert Joseph) is in fact Robert J. Febre, a repeat offender with the FTC and whom has served multiple jail sentences, as well having a judgement from the FTC forcing a $16 Million dollar payback to 200,000+ consumers he defrauded.
Full details in this post here:

Their claims are that Robert Febre and Gary LaCourt served time together at Duluth prison camp and it is speculated this is where they met. 
Here is a link to the Federal Bureau of Prisons website where you can independently verify some of this posters claims - search for Robert Febre and Gary LaCourt

Another consumer has posted comparison photos of the Asha diamond simulant compared to the Diamond Nexus product here:
Comparison photos

Further, another poster found that Diamond Nexus Labs appears to purchase their product from Signity, the worlds largest cubic zirconia manufacturer:
Diamond Nexus Labs product is ordinary Signity CZ?

Our message boards contain a wealth of additional information, with over 510,000 postings from consumers around the world and can be viewed here:


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Visitor Comments

  1. Comment #1 (Posted by Anonymous)
    I purchased A Diamond Nexus Lab ring and quickly returned it. The ring they sent was not the right size, there was no "14K" marking inside, like there was supposed to be and NO answer to my emails. How they get around saying that the jewellry is 14K, is that they stamp over top of the hole in the ring (where the diamond is set) and all you see is "1" and on the other side of the hole is a "k". None of the paperwork commits to the ring being 14k either. It will only state "white" or "yellow" . The colour. That's it! We'll see how long it takes to get a refund, because the customer service follow-up has been nil....
  2. Comment #2 (Posted by Christine Burrhus )
    I too have purchased Nexus ring in white gold.he stone was very beautiful at first. I now see alot of smears and it attracts dust . I think it is a cubic zurconia being exadurating its claims to better than diamonds...Are you going to get a lawyer .
  3. Comment #3 (Posted by Mike )
    Here is indisputable evidence that Diamond Nexus Labs purchases at least some of their CZ (their princess cut) from Signity/Swarovski, and probably more:
  4. Comment #4 (Posted by anonymous)
    not at all happy with the [Diamond Nexus] product - I only wear my rings for social occasions and each time the stones have fallen out - have sent the rings back in more times than I've been able to wear them!
  5. Comment #5 (Posted by Anonymous )
    My fiance and I were looking at diamond alternatives and came across Diamond Nexus Lab's website. We decided to purchase their princess cut loose diamond to add to the wedding ring set we'd already picked out. After making the purchase, I decided to do a little research and discovered the reviews submitted on I quickly told my fiance that we may have made a mistake and should consider buying a similar Asha diamond just to be safe. I received both diamonds this week and the difference is MAJOR!! I'm so happy that I found this website. I have an appointment to get my stone set tonight and plan to return the Nexus diamond ASAP!!
  6. Comment #6 (Posted by Anonymous )
    I fell for the fraudulent advertisements from DNL and paid $600 for an ordinary Cz. I would like to join any class action that ever starts within the next 2 yrs. To make matters worse, I called DNL and asked about getting my ring sized and I was placed on "hold" but it wasn't done right and I heard the girl on the phone laughing to another saying "another fatty had to cut her ring off." Really unprofessional. I had it sized at the local jeweler. I don't need their warranty -- I will just pay $5 for another CZ when needed.
  7. Comment #7 (Posted by Anonymous)
    I bought the venice ring on Diamond Nexus Labs website. I had a princess cut stone put in the setting. I bought the AIG Sig. series stone and I recieved my ring. it was pretty but not gorgeous. I felt that the stone was a little cloudy. I sent back my ring and they put a regular classic princess cut stone in the center. I got it back last week. it was very gorgeous for the first few days! it started to go cloudy again. I found out about and decided to get a stone placed in my exisitling setting I got from DNL. I couldn't return my ring to DNL I was told. I am hoping and praying asha is what they say they are because DNL wasn't! DNL customer service is HORRIBLE! I also ordered a pair of princess cut stone made in palladium. I was told I'd have my earrings within 9 business days because they were customed. it took them way longer than 9 business day. I guess something happened a couple times were they had to start over. They NEVER told me until I got a hold of the manager. I was very upset!!!! Someone on there facebook post asked how we liked DNL. I told her the truth and than DNL erased my comment and Chris the manager called me saying they will not do any further business with me. I am not ALLOWED to shop there anymore which I don't want to because all the experiance I have had was horrible!!! My warranty is void I was told by one of the customer service reps. so it just shows when ppl try and tell the truth DNL tries to hide it!!! I wish I could call someone and tell them how they screwed me over!! NO ONE should buy from DNL. They are horrible!!! I hope I love my Asha stone! I should get it next week sometime I hope!!!
  8. Comment #8 (Posted by Anonymous)
    DNL's customer service policy is a joke! I bought my engagement ring from DNL and had no problem communicating with anyone until after I handed over the money. After I received the ring I noticed that it is not "flawless" and in fact there is a horizontal line through my diamond. Also, after I started wearing it I developed a rash on my finger!!!! I have many pieces of gold jewellery so I definitely do not have any allergies to real gold. I have tried to contact DNL about these issues numerous times and not once have I had a response to my emails. I don't live in the US so I don't have any other options of communication -- but it's funny how I had no issues getting replies to emails before I paid for the ring! VERY VERY disapointed, and feel cheated!!!
  9. Comment #9 (Posted by Bob)
    Bought an engagement ring from DNL. Was costume jewelry at best. Stones loose, and 'white gold' turned yellow only after 3 months. Sent back multiple times, until they finally gave up and asked me to accept a different style ring the 3rd attempt. How do you explain to your fiance that the place you got the ring sold you a badly designed ring and she'd need to accept a different style for her only engagement ring. DEFINETLY BAD PLACE to do biz with. Horrible experience, mind blowing results. Don't buy from them. I've had to buy another REAL ring from another REAL jeweler--something you should do before you buy here!
  10. Comment #10 (Posted by Jodi)
    I purchased a $380 ring from Diamond Nexus Labs. It looked awful after 2 years. The were facet edges looked dull and scratched after normal wear. I paid shipping and returned it to have the main stone replaced. When I got it back they did not replace the main stone but had put some kind of shiny finish on the old stone and it looked exactly the as it had before I paid to ship it back to them. I'm over it now. Conclusion: $380 = about 2 years or less of normal wear. DO NOT BUY THEIR PRODUCTS!!
  11. Comment #11 (Posted by Lee )
    If any class action lawsuit comes up let me know my $ 2500 ring is only worth $ 220 just the gold. Nexus will give me there appraisal but my insurance company said its not real.
  12. Comment #12 (Posted by Michele )
    Thangod i read this! I was almost going to buy a diamond nexus ring, i saw the rings on their page and thought wow they're beautiful and so reasonably priced. But after reading this, i now know they're con artists and full of crap! Thanks everyone for saving me from an awful ring and heaps of stress! :)
  13. Comment #13 (Posted by stephanie )
    Craftsmanship of their jewelry is terrible! My husband and I had one custom made and I can't begin to explain what a waste of time and money it was!! I wish I could have used that money towards a real ring. If the ring would have at least looked good, had good craftsmanship, and the center stone didn't scratch then I wouldn't have cared if it was fake or not. DO NOT BUY DNL!!
  14. Comment #14 (Posted by Mocha Goodwyn )
    My thought is that Nexus is a diamond simulant. Lab made diamonds are only marketing yellow diamonds and even those are small and expensive. I hope people realize that they can buy a decent diamond for the price that DNL are charging. Buy knowingly that what you are getting is a fake. Read the fine print, it says SIMULANT, not synthetic diamond. I really feel bad about the people who have bought with high hopes. I am sure I will not be able to buy a carat diamond for $500- so when it comes to DNL, go in with the knowledge that you are buying a fake, a cubic zirconia and when they start talking about thousands, you should do more research on their product and run to the nearest local jeweler to buy a smaller but real thing.
  15. Comment #15 (Posted by Mike Horner)
    So many complaints, yet Diamond Nexus still maintains an A+ rating with the BBB.

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