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#305196 - HELP! Which diamond stimulate to choose?
DiaLil Offline

Posts: 2
I am in the process of choosing a marquise cut stimulate for a engagement ring.

Right now I am confused which stimulate to go with, Interlap, Asha(which does not come in marquise)or Moissanite.

I have read the information on all and I am still confused.

Any advice?

Thank you.

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#305197 - Re: HELP! Which diamond stimulate to choose? [Re: DiaLil]
nicolep91 Offline

Posts: 31
Hi DiaLil! I'm pretty new here too so I don't know how much help I'll be, but here is my experience.

I just bought my first nice stimulate ring and I chose to go with the Interlap stone. I wasn't sure what I wanted either and debated for weeks. I made my choice based on the fact that the Interlaps have so many color choices with their stones. I had bought a CZ ring from HSN that had great reviews (14K white gold, not exactly a cheapo) and I wasn't happy with the look of the stone - way too white and glass-like for me even though everyone was saying how realistic it looked. I wanted to make sure I didn't end up with another ring like that but still needed to stay within a certain price range. I decided upon a 3 stone WG ring with RG round stones (2 ct total). The RG color is supposed to be comparable with an H colored diamond and that is my preference. I just ordered it from and I don't have it yet but I'll be sure to post pics when I do.

Whatever you decide, I think all 3 choices sound nice. The moissanite might be more costly but I hear they are gorgeous. The Asha stones also are beautiful on the website but I haven't seen one in person yet. They would have been my second choice but the size stone I wanted didn't seem to be available in the H color. (I might be wrong about that though.)

Have fun deciding and I hope I didn't just confuse you more!

#305198 - Re: HELP! Which diamond stimulate to choose? [Re: nicolep91]
41464 Offline

Posts: 864
Loc: PA
Hi DiaLil and nicolep91. Welcome to the boards!!!

First of all, I would like to say that as much as these little babies do STIMULATE many warm emotions in all of us sparkly addicts, the proper name for them is SIMULANTS, which is why sometimes you might see them referred to as simply, sims.

Second, DL, in the case of the marquise which is a beautiful shape, my vote is for the interlap. I say this because I have had many beautiful custom pieces made with interlaps, or the Winfield's brand, yet unnamed (they are the same thing). The interlap stones give you so many choices from size to color. And the price (and especially the service) is unbeatable. Where else can you order mutliple stones just to compare and return most or all of them when you've made your decision? Their return policy is incredible, like no other. And Sheila and Sylvia are awesome, as is Wink, who can make anything you ask him to (he's been in the business a long time and is a true jeweler, very knowledgable, but mostly, he's really nice and patient). Most importantly though, the stones are beautiful. I have seen an Asha, and they certaily are beautiful. I owned it and sold it and am STILL kicking myself in the butt for that one. But at THIS time, they are too expensive for me. And sometimes I wonder what that extra diamond coating does mean to me. I clean my rings everyday and they are quite sparkly, sparkly enough for me and that's saying alot!! So try the interlaps, and if you have the money, buy a moissanite from a place with a return policy. Compare them and choose.

Nicolep91, please post pictures when you receive your three stone from Wink. I know you will be please as all of his pieces are gorgeous!!

#305199 - Re: HELP! Which diamond stimulate to choose? [Re: DiaLil]
Mike_C Offline

Posts: 2373
Loc: The Great US of A
Unfortunately, for a marquise the choice is limited. We sell a lot of Moissanite, especially the round and square brilliant cut. After selling the marquise cut for the past few years, we recently decided to discontinue it simply because it is not as pretty as the other stones. There is a strong correlation between the color of Moissanite and the brilliance of the stones (i.e. the more brilliant the cut, the whiter the color). The less brilliant cuts such as the marquise and especially the pear cut, simply look darker than the rest and more yellow. We did have quite a few customers buy the marquise cut and love it, but we also had a lot of returns.

Because of the color issue with Marquise cut Moissanite, Asha would be a great alternative, except that cut doesn't exist, well, not yet at least

#305200 - Re: HELP! Which diamond stimulate to choose? [Re: Mike_C]
maliasmom Offline
The Imperial Diamond

Posts: 6609
First of all, I would like to say that as much as these little babies do STIMULATE many warm emotions in all of us sparkly addicts, the proper name for them is SIMULANTS, which is why sometimes you might see them referred to as simply, sims.

You said it Cher, lol!
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#305201 - Re: HELP! Which diamond stimulate to choose? [Re: maliasmom]
Pk Offline

Posts: 676
Loc: CA
Go with an Interlap. I bought one for my friend (10x5mm, RG), and it is practically identical to my 0.9ct E, VVS2 diamond. The cut is amazing.
Let's go DUCKS!!!

#305202 - Re: HELP! Which diamond stimulate to choose? [Re: Pk]
Wink Offline
The Imperial Diamond

Posts: 6105
Loc: Boise, Idaho
The Winfield's brand all day long! It is a bright great looking marquise and can be ordered in the colorless, g-h color or J-K color.

Wink's Blog
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#305203 - Re: HELP! Which diamond stimulate to choose? [Re: Wink]
ericader Offline

Posts: 2936
Loc: Seattle, WA
H colored interlaps/winfields/lizzies are very realistic looking. Until I found BTD, I had only ever seen the colorless, white cz's. There is a huge difference between those and the warmer colors available now. I think you can't go wrong with winfields stones. And the best part is that they have the cut you love - marquise. Don't settle for another shape if this is your favorite. Just take great care of it. In fact, the stones are so inexpensive, once you decide on the size/shape/color, buy 2 so you have an identical spare in case something happens to your stone. Then you can swap it out and no one will be the wiser. I only suggest this because, knowing myself, if something happens to my stone years from now, I'll never remember what color I had, where to get another one, etc.

As for asha, I would have loved to go with an asha, but the color and cut I wanted isn't available.

You can't go wrong with these stones!

PS - I have never owned moissanite, so can't comment on that
Diamonds with soul. Jewelry with a past.

#305204 - Re: HELP! Which diamond stimulate to choose? [Re: ericader]
Patty97 Offline

Posts: 1330
Here's a link to the Winfield's Interlap marquise stone that Roogirl has. It's beautiful! Interlap Marquise Welcome to the boards, DiaLil!

#305205 - Re: HELP! Which diamond stimulate to choose? [Re: Patty97]
Mom2Four Offline

Posts: 3159
Loc: New York State
I have an interlap marquise in chinese white (yet unset), and I can tell you firsthand that it is gorgeous!! I've had other CZ marquise, and they were plasticy and icky white. Interlap marquise is simply gorgeous!!

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