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#536886 - Asha distribution info for Newbies - Please read *****
Casey Offline
The Centenary Diamond

Posts: 8740
Loc: Virginia
For those of you who have been members for a long time (most of you longer than I have) please accept my apologies for the redundant post, but it seems that there is still some confusion for some of our newbies between BTD, and Winfields and what they do and do not sell or what services they do or do not provide, so I thought I'd post some clarifications and perhaps clear up some confusion.

BTD ( ) is the company that manufactures and distributes Ashas, as well as the Amora enhanced Moissanite and upcoming Amora gem.
They are the creator of the patented Ashaź.

BTD is also the sponsor of this forum and (DB). They sell what they show on their website (Asha, Amora, cultured gems, specific settings, etc. and Takara diamonds).

In some cases, they custom cut their cultured gemstones in sizes/shapes not shown on the website. They do NOT set customer stones in their settings, NOR do they set their stones in customer settings. I think everyone on here who has worked with them will agree that their work is impeccable. BTD is located in the state of Washington and their polices are stated in detail on their website. They are run by LessW, who is an admin on this forum. (owned my Mike_C and MrsMike_C) is NOT the same company as BTD. They are NOT located in the same state (they are in Nevada) and their policies are NOT the same as BTD. They ARE, however, a distributor of Ashas, which they get directly from BTD.

Winfields (owned and run by Wink Jones) is also a distributor of Ashas, and he ALSO gets his Ashas directly from BTD. Winfields is located in Idaho and they do NOT have the same policies as BTD. Their website is

Mike_C and MrsMike_C are also the owners of and are a distributor for the Charles and Covard Moissanite stone and they also distribute colored moissanites and enhanced moissanites. It is my understanding that they also have access to lab created gemstones. They have a large assortment of settings (shown on both of their websites) to choose from. They work with many casting companies that provide settings (like Adwar and Stuller and many others) and can order most settings that you see from these companies. Their bench can do "tweaking" to these settings, such as sharpening prongs, changing out heads, etc., but to my understanding, they do NOT do custom work.

Winfield's is also the distributor of the "Winfield" cz and his website is These hand cut czs by Interlap and are high quality czs which come in many shapes/colors/sizes and can sometimes be special ordered in cuts/colors/sizes not shown on the site. Winfield's also sells some lab grown gemstones. Wink is also the owner of the company HighPerformanceDiamonds. Wink sells the settings that are shown on his website and is an "official" distributor for many Designers such as Vatche and others, in addition to working with casting companies like Stuller, etc. Winfield's bench DOES do custom orders AND his company will also do minor "benchwork" such as ring sizing, rhodium plating and will set YOUR stones in YOUR settings.

All three of these companies can be trusted to set your ashas and czs, but please understand that they are separate companies with separate policies and while they overlap in some areas, they each have differing areas of expertise.

DiamondsByLauren is also a vendor board member (represented by board member nikkikeith) with a specialty in high end diamonds and settings.

Images also used to have a presence on this Forum when Steve (Feydakin) was actively involved in the business. It is my understanding that Chris is still working his wonders (custom made jewelry) and is more than capable of setting ashas/czs, in addition to gemstones and diamonds, but does not have the time to be "present" on this forum, but can still be contacted via

DA (diamondangel) is a forum member and represents Winfields and can answer (or pass on to Wink) questions concerning Winfields.

D247 (diamonds247) is a forum member and represents and and can answer (or pass on to Mike_C) questions concerning their services. These two sites also have a live chat that is usually active during M-TH business hours.

BTD can be contacted via their website,

Please understand that these companies do their best to respond to you in the most timely manner, but they are restricted by BTD forum rules, from discussing the specifics (price, delivery dates, etc) of your order on the open forum, and so any questions regarding your specific order should be directed to the company or their representative via email or pm...

Also please remember, that even though we have the privilege of these vendors participating on this board, they own public websites and get inquires from many, many others and not just BTDers, so please keep that in mind and try to be patient while waiting for a response.

We ARE important to them (us sparkly addicts that is) and so I'm sure that each and every one of them are doing their very best to work with ALL of their clients and potential clients. All other questions/comments, etc. about any and all of these sparklies are more than welcome on the board, just not questions that can only be answered by the vendor regarding your specific order.

and NO, I do NOT represent any of these companies, but DANGIT, I've sure love to!

Edited by Dana ♥ ()
Edit Reason: updated a few things :)

#536996 - Re: Asha distribution info for Newbies - Please read [Re: Casey]
sparklee Offline
The Millenium Star

Posts: 7901
Loc: My house
Excellent post Casey!

I'm still hot!! Only now, it comes in flashes. shocked

#537131 - Re: Asha distribution info for Newbies - Please read [Re: sparklee]
diamondangel Offline
BTD Crown Jewel

Posts: 18923
Loc: Northwestern NJ
Thank you for posting that Casey. That was indeed an excellent post for the newcomers.

Since there is a lot that Winfield's does that many BTD'ers may not be aware of, I've posted a thread in Winfield's gallery going further into detail of what it is we do.

Email [email protected] for Fine custom jewelry, diamonds, gems, WinkCZs, Ashas & Amora!

#542256 - Re: Asha distribution info for Newbies - Please read [Re: diamondangel]
paperheart Offline

Posts: 6
Loc: philadelphia, pa
This post was very helpful to me. Thanks!

#547902 - Re: Asha distribution info for Newbies - Please read [Re: paperheart]
biggerisbetter Offline

Posts: 4
Thank you very much. This explains alot of the jargon I've been encountering since I joined last week!

#551650 - Re: Asha distribution info for Newbies - Please read [Re: Casey]
Posey Offline

Posts: 44
Loc: Ontario, Canada
This newbie appreciates it all being laid out there! Thanks Casey!

Believe in Me

#568622 - Re: Asha distribution info for Newbies - Please read [Re: Posey]
Elle1036 Offline

Posts: 1
Yes, thanks a bunch. I'm a newbie and was really confused until a minute ago!

#568664 - Re: Asha distribution info for Newbies - Please read [Re: Elle1036]
Shangrila Offline

Posts: 198
Another newbie says thanks!!!

#568665 - Re: Asha distribution info for Newbies - Please read [Re: Shangrila]
Blingaholic Offline
BTD Crown Jewel

Posts: 18792
Loc: VA
You should make this a sticky, Casey.

#568669 - Re: Asha distribution info for Newbies - Please read [Re: Blingaholic]
Casey Offline
The Centenary Diamond

Posts: 8740
Loc: Virginia
 Originally Posted By: Blingaholic
You should make this a sticky, Casey.

I think it already is - isn't it?

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