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#660943 - Re: The Mira Blog... [Re: MissCassie]
Cookie Offline

Posts: 750
Loc: Australia
Originally Posted By: MissCassie
Okay, the part about the museum is pretty cool! laugh Sooooo exciting, and we all get to be a part of this. I just love this forum and this company. love

+ 1 ...I couldn't have said it better myself grin

#661366 - Re: The Mira Blog... [Re: MissCassie]
TRacoon Offline

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Loc: Way Up North
Originally Posted By: MissCassie
Okay, the part about the museum is pretty cool! laugh Sooooo exciting, and we all get to be a part of this. I just love this forum and this company. love

grin Ditto!!!

Less, I'm just jumping up and down for you ~ every time I read an update, things just keep getting better and better (and no cooler guy could deserve it more)! grin YAY!

Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others ~ J. Smith

#662110 - Re: The Mira Blog... [Re: lessw]
Gracey Offline

Posts: 140
Can't wait to see the Friday update smile!

#662112 - Re: The Mira Blog... [Re: lessw]
cmmk Offline

Posts: 198
+1 smile

#662128 - Re: The Mira Blog... [Re: lessw]
Melissa-S Offline

Posts: 2
Less, did you see or hear about Charles Winston on Jewelry Television today? He is premiering "Moissanite Fire" set in "Platineve"....a secret formula of 925 silver with platinum and rhodium and a"few extra goodies"....whatever that means. They have taken the nickel out. Charles Winston has been working on this for 13 months with Charles and Colvard. NOTHING is over $1000 in this particular show.

Okay, the reason I am bringing this up is because I think you need to get into negotiations with qvc or hsn with the Mira Moissanite. You would knock it out of the ballpark!

I'll take any royalties you're willing to offer smile
~ Melissa

#662177 - Re: The Mira Blog... [Re: lessw]
Dana ♥ Offline
The Centenary Diamond

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that "Platineve" sounds suspiciously like DNL's "Lorián Platinum" ... which is really just platinum plated silver (like QVC's Epiphany)

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#662204 - Re: The Mira Blog... [Re: lessw]
Happy Birthday lessw Offline

The Florentine Diamond

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Hi all,
It's Friday and time for another weekly update!

Perhaps the most exciting news - as mentioned last week, Mira H&A will make its global debut at the Hungarian Natural History Museum.

The curator there emailed this week to let me know that they are also receiving a few crystal grains from Australia of 'Jack Hills Zircon'.

Here's where it gets neat - the Jack Hills Zircon they are receiving are the **oldest** crystals (or earth made material of any form) on the planet. They clock in at a cool 4.4 BILLION years old. Earth is approx 4.54 billion years old.

They will be putting these and the Mira on display in a separate exhibit titled "the oldest and the newest" gems on the planet.

Anyway, I am personally very excited and honored to have Mira H&A sharing the same stage with the oldest crystals on the planet.

There was other progress on Mira H&A that I'll hold off on sharing until its final - roughly October, but trust me that we are working very hard to really shock the world when Mira H&A is unveiled.

Robotic cutting - one of the new things we'll be doing with Mira H&A is tentatively cutting them all with robots. We have our robot in R&D testing now - there are still some software bugs being ironed out, but the precision of it is phenomenal. And that is how we are going to ensure that every Mira H&A is cut to superhuman precision. As our cutter noted, watching the robot work was "humbling" b/c it puts even the best human cutters to shame with its incredible precision. Our cutter is basically planning on just being the overlord of these robots b/c as he put, he can't compete with them in terms of actual cutting speed/precision. We're hoping to eventually make a short video showing the robot in action later this year so you can see the Mira H&A being made.

Mira keylights - we have two samples being made now, 1 plain and one with "Mira" laser engraved on it. We're also testing two different keychain attachements - a small carabiner style and a swivel plus attachment. Photos once we have them here.

Intl distributors - we are in discussions now with several overseas sellers in non-patent covered countries (including for example, Taiwan and India) and these are likely where many off the first Mira H&A's will go to since there is no patent issue.

US Patent invalidation - we did receive a very minor correspondence from the US Patent office that gives a hint that the re-exam will proceed. Basically, they asked C&C if they wanted to waive their right to make an "owners statement" during the does not technically mean anything, but in theory if the re-exam was not going to happen, then it would be a bit of a moot point to be asking about how C&C wants to handle it. We'll see though - decision on that by 10/25 officially.

On some general news:
We have a large number of new Avarra emeralds that just completed (esp C grade) and these will be posted out for sale next week.

Takara Lab white diamonds - *tentatively* we may have some initial Takara white diamonds in the .25ct size range ready for sale next month and these may be a monthly restock type of offering.

We're planning on offering these around $320 for an H/SI .25ct (vs ~ $420 for a natural diamond)so about 25% under natural diamond pricing. Most of these will likely go into plat martini studs which we'll sell as directly finished items.

We've waited years to have lab white diamonds so thats exciting to see these actually coming into production, but with Mira H&A coming as well, I'm still more excited about Mira since its eclipses even diamond in terms of beauty and pricing. But, for those who only want diamond, it will be a great option that has never been available as a steady buyable option (most were just random research samples of random availability). Having the Takara whites though might finally put an end to all those misleading "flawless lab diamond" ads by DNL and for example.

Finally, we're sold out on a lot of Asha shapes and sizes, esp. 1ct H&A rounds - we have a lot more in cutting now and these should be coated and ready by mid-October.

Thats it for this week - hope you have a great weekend,

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#662205 - Re: The Mira Blog... [Re: lessw]
ocMrsB Offline

Posts: 3208
Loc: San Diego County
WOW!! the debut alongside the oldest crystals is just amazing! thats my favorite news smile

#662210 - Re: The Mira Blog... [Re: ocMrsB]
Milady Offline

Posts: 3138
Loc: my computer
Originally Posted By: ocMrsB
WOW!! the debut alongside the oldest crystals is just amazing! thats my favorite news smile

+1, the oldest and newest gems together. I love it!! laugh That is toooo cool!

#662214 - Re: The Mira Blog... [Re: lessw]
sheezacowgurl Offline

Posts: 182
as mentioned BTD is looking to have H&A miras for sale in non-patented places. i know u cannot sell mira H&A in the united states, but can sumone in the United states buy a h&A mira from sumone the sells them in a non-patented country?

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