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#844195 - Re: The Amora Blog...the Amora Gem Chapter ***** [Re: lessw]
AdaBeta27 Offline

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Originally Posted By: lessw
Amora Gem fancy cuts: The demand for fancy cuts has exceeded our expectations, including demand for the antique OEC cut. ...
OEC cut:This is a cut that I never would have guessed would have sold as well as it has. We had not planned to cut anymore for the rest of 2015, but with the OEC's nearly sold out, we have 8mm in progress and hope to have those in stock within two weeks!


7.5mm 7.5mm I need a 7.5mm.
Can I get you now, or do I have to wait? lol!

#844196 - Re: The Amora Blog...the Amora Gem Chapter [Re: lessw]
JSTARR Offline

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Its finally time!! &#128142;&#128141;

#844408 - Re: The Amora Blog...the Amora Gem Chapter [Re: lessw]
majkristina Offline

Posts: 11
Originally Posted By: lessw

Amora Gem Restocking Page: To try and provide more transparency as to what is restocking and when, we've made a new page under the Amora Gem menu that gives you our planned production and thus stocking info for roughly the next three weeks. This way, above and beyond the notification page, you can see what's coming and when.
Currently we are sold out on a number of cuts/sizes and I'll detail more below, but we will have more Asschers, Cushions, Ultra's and even OEC's coming out over the next few weeks.
Here's the direct link for that page, or just look under the Amora Gem menu:

Ultra Cushion H&A:We've just restocked 7.5mm this week. Hoping to add 6.5mm and 8.5-9mm next week.

Less, could you include a quick update on cushions in the next Friday's update? I'm dyinggg over here waiting for a 6.5mm! The restocking schedule said within two weeks for a while, but now there's no mention of cushions at all anymore. I guess they might have been pushed back but any update will help, I'm so anxious!

#844437 - Re: The Amora Blog...the Amora Gem Chapter [Re: lessw]
lessw Offline

The Florentine Diamond

Posts: 5564

Hi all - Happy Friday!!
It's nearly the end of September and with Fall arriving, it's time for another monthly update! Not as much news as last month, but some interesting updates so please grab a beverage, get comfortable and let's get underway!

Amora Gem Updates!

Amora Production update: This month proved to be a bit disappointing in our overall production volume as our current robots are simply being worn down by the toughness of the Amora Gem. The result of this is that each batch of Amora Gem's takes a little longer than the previous batch, which takes a little longer than the batch before that… and we're unfortunately locked in a downward spiral until we get our TIGER robot into production.
The current robots won't stop on an Amora until all the angles are perfect, but getting to those perfect angles is taking longer and longer and we've determined it's simply wear on the components that's causing this, and thus steadily increasing the total cutting and polishing time.
Our new TIGER robot's won't have this issue due to their design (think bullet train and magnetic levitation vs. regular train on wheels - one will wear, the other will not), so they'll be much better suited for handling the toughness of the Amora Gem. However, as a result of the steady increase in production time per set, we've had to push back on some of the slower cuts such as the Krupps and Oval and even Cushions, so we did not get those out this month as originally planned. I'll go into more specifics below as to what we hope to release this coming month though.

Record single day sales for Amora! While our production was not as high as wanted, we still had enough inventory that with the patent expiring to have all time record sales. Today, literally as I write, we hit a record for single day Amora Gem sales so that was very exciting news. Hopefully as we continue to expand our production with our coming TIGER robots, we'll continue to break more records.

TIGER Robot update: With the above news, a good intro into updating our TIGER robot status. Last month I mentioned that we had been repeatedly blocked by an ultra-high precision part requirement. I'm pleased to say that as the familiar saying goes, the 9th time is the charm, and we've now got an excellent part produced to the incredible precision required.

Further, our robot lead made it back after his trip-turned-high-adventure-novel, and we've moved into the final testing phase for our first TIGER robot.
We are hoping to have it ready to pack up and ship within two weeks. We won't make our original goal of having it in production by end of September, but estimating now that we'll have production underway by end of October.
Of note, with our current robots slowly wearing down, we're planning to immediately start manufacture of our second TIGER robot as soon as this first one completes. We estimate each TIGER can outperform two of our current robots, so by early 2016 we hope to have a significant jump in total production ability.

Large Amora Gem's selling rapidly! One growing trend the past few months is the consistent increase in sales of ultra-large Amora Gems (4ct+). We're now sold out of everything over 3.99ct (4ct, 5ct, 6ct and 7ct Ultra's are all sold out), and down to our last 1 of the 5ct and 6ct Asschers (update - the last 6ct Asscher just sold tonight as I write).

Of course, when you compare cut quality of a mined 6ct diamond to an Ultra H&A Amora 6ct for example, then it becomes clear why the large Amora's are selling well.

Typically in diamond, the larger the stone, the poorer the cut (and thus beauty) since the cost per carat gets so high. It's very difficult for example to find an H&A cut diamond larger than 3ct. That's why a lot of the million+ dollar diamonds you hear about actually don't look all that great (at least relative to their true potential) and often have a high amount of windowing, since they were cut with the focus of maximizing the size and not the beauty since each carat lost for maximizing beauty could mean tens of thousands of dollars lost. Further, the greater fire and brilliance of Amora Gem really shines the larger it goes - where diamonds will window more and more due to their lower brilliance/refractive index as it gets larger and larger, Amora Gem continues to excel due to it's greater brilliance and greater fire.
Related to this we are expanding our Timeless Regal to hold fancy cuts shapes including sizes like the 5ct Amora Asscher, which we'll go into below.

Amora Gem Ultra production: We've continued to produce a nice range of sizes this month, from .80ct to 3.00ct. We've just restocked the 8mm and 8.50mm sizes and are seeing a more typical distribution in terms of color range (D-G). With the growth in the demand for Jumbo (or Mega) Amora Gem's we are hoping to have another set of 4ct-7ct Ultra's ready this month, and we may break out very largest rough that we've been saving and possibly cut a few 8ct+. Since we are now nearly sold out on the 1ct - 1.5ct range (only one left) we'll have another restock of those ready next week.

Amora Gem Radiant: The design for the Amora Radiant is effectively done but we have a software update arriving today (Friday) for our gem design and simulation software. Thus, we're going to run the radiant under that as a final check before releasing to production. Thus, I'm hopeful we can show a CAD render of the radiant next week, and we do plan to do an initial run right away once the radiant is finalized.

Amora Gem Cushions: We restocked a batch of 7.5mm but had to delay on the expected 6.5mm and 9mm size restock due to the slowdown with the robots. Depending on when our new TIGER robot is ready, we may have these restocked in October.

Amora Gem OEC:These were pushed back but we're finishing up a set of 7.5mm for next week and 8mm for the week after. So later than expected, but these are coming shortly!

Potentially adding the AVC (August Vintage Cushion): I'm happy to note that based on customer requests, we are in discussions now with Jonathan of Good Old Gold who has the patent and was the developer for the August Vintage Cut. We're working with the cut now to see about translating it into the optimal cut for Amora Gem with it's higher fire and brilliance, and hoping to have the Amora AVC out for sale possibly by the holidays. There's still lots to be finalized and it may not come to fruition but so far it's moving along nicely.
If you are wondering what an AVC is exactly, then I'll let Jonathan show you in his video below:

We've also added the AVC as an option to be notified for in our Amora Gem notification system. You can add yourself and the size of interest here:

Note that with the possible addition of the AVC, I think we are set for a while in terms of cuts we'll be offering for the Amora Gem. After that our focus will be on growing production and availability for fuller inventory for all the current Amora Gem family.

BTD updates:

Timeless Regal for rounds in most sizes available in under 1 week from order to shipping: With the Timeless Regal growing it's lead as our best selling ring, we've now got a large inventory of pre-stocked, pre-polished and ready to set Regals. That now allows us to offer under 1 week turnaround on most Regal ring orders.
This is a big improvement from our previous 2-3 week turnaround. By having most of the work pre-done it means we also ironically have less of a rush on any specific order since it's mostly just set, final polish and ship.
All of the time consuming steps involved are done with no pressure since they are now part of a large set of Regals prepped up when have yet to be ordered.
We've now got an incredible set of features for our Regal ring - polishing even inside the prongs (rarely done elsewhere), laser and thus seamless resizing, a seamless design for the ring (no solder joints at the prong head, etc), surprise diamond, comfort fit, high pressure enhancement for even harder and more durable metal, and now very fast shipping.

Timeless Regal expanding to add fancy shape centers: Related to that, based on the demand for the larger Amora sizes as well as the fancy cuts in general, we're adding Regals that are designed to hold our other fancy shapes and not just the Ultra's. We've added two new Regals this month and while we don't have photos/video yet, below are some basic CAD renders to show them for now.
Our Regal for Asscher centers:
Shown with 11mm (5ct) center:

side view:

and our Regal for Cushions:

and underside view:

We'll add photos and video for each next month.

Completely new website coming for BTD: Our current site is now nearly six years old and while we've steadily made additions to it, it doesn't have the high-end feel we'd like to convey in keeping with the ultra quality of all our gems. Thus, I'm happy to note that we are well underway with a completely new, built from scratch website and we're hoping to move over to it by January, 2016.
Besides a much nicer overall look, it's also being built with mobile centric features since nearly half our visitors are now arriving via mobile.
In addition, this will let us add in our multi-language capability with Chinese (standard and traditional) being available when it launches.
Hopefully we'll have some screenshots to show and let you preview in the next two months. will receive a major upgrade:DiamondBistro traffic continues to grow, and with the complete rebuild of our BTD site, we're also going to completely overhaul DiamondBistro. That upgrade will actually be ready any day now and you may see a 'down for maintenance' while the upgrade is in progress. But by next week we'll have not only a nicer look and feel, but a number of new features including:
improved watchlist for items of interest
recently sold section to let you see what's sold
sellers other listing at the bottom of each listing
improved profile section
report abuse option for questionable listings

and a few more.

As noted, you'll hopefully see all this live on the site next week!

Message board upgrade possible this month: Finally, as part our complete overhaul of all our websites, we are looking at moving to new software for our message boards. The main improvement will be that this will fully support mobile viewing which our current software does not. However, that's a lot trickier b/c we have to port over all 800,000+ messages, user profiles, etc. into a completely new system and no guarantee as to how well that will work.
But, we're planning to try as we can then not only support mobile but upgrade the message boards to a matching look with our new upcoming website.


SuperMoon Eclipse on Sunday night! With Amora Gem's origin's from the stars, we've been noting interesting astrological news here and this weekend is a rare opportunity to view a full SuperMoon eclipse! This is a rare 'triple crown' event combining a)full moon b) supermoon (the moon is closest to the earth and thus 14% bigger) and c)lunar eclipse (moon passes through earth's shadow, turning it red).
This will occur Sunday, Sept 27th at roughly 10PM EST.
This is the first one in 33 years (1982) and won't happen again for another 18, so hope you can catch a glimpse and enjoy!

Photo of lunar eclipse from 2010 (Johnny Horne, AP):

Speaking of large diamonds…a video and update on the $83 Million, 59.6 carat Pink Star: As mentioned earlier regarding the cutting for beauty vs. weight and windowing of the larger diamonds, I thought it might be good to show this in the worlds largest pink diamond, with an interesting update.
First, here is a video of it via the link below (would not embed into our boards).

Watch for the large amount of windowing which shows that the cutting was to maximize the weight and not maximum beauty:

And the update - apparently the winning bid of $83 Million was from a diamond cutter (hopefully one who wanted to re-cut it for maximum beauty?) but turned out he could not actually afford it…so the diamond has returned to Sotheby's for now.

That's it for this month's Friday update!

Hopefully we'll have our message board upgrade done by the time we meet again for the October update.

Have a great weekend and month!
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#844442 - Re: The Amora Blog...the Amora Gem Chapter [Re: lessw]
lessw Offline

The Florentine Diamond

Posts: 5564
PS - Our software update arrived, here is final design for the Amora Gem Radiant!

You can sign up to be notified when we stock a radiant of interest via our notification system here:

More info, photos and video of the Amora Gem radiant hopefully soon!

Best regards,
Recipient: GIA Diamonds Certificate


#844457 - Re: The Amora Blog...the Amora Gem Chapter [Re: lessw]
Opaline Offline

Posts: 1090
Thank you for the update Less, just ordered the timeless regal ring for cushion amora... I can't wait!

#844478 - Re: The Amora Blog...the Amora Gem Chapter [Re: lessw]
majkristina Offline

Posts: 11
So much great news I don't know what to be most excited about! Radiants, TIGERS, and website redesigns, oh my!

Less, I don't know if it's possible with confidentiality and such, but when the TIGER is set up would you be able to share a photo? It would be really cool to see where the gems are "born" (I keep imagining optimus prime sitting at a bench with a loupe, which is a hilarious but clearly inaccurate visual!)

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