August 29, 2006 Man-Made Diamond Review

Beware Of Some Diamond Simulant Internet Advertising. Fortunately, We Were Able To Locate Three Companies Whose Product, Quality, And Service Were Excellent!

Here at Consumer Guides-Web, we absolutely believe that lab-created diamonds offer a superior value to the average consumer. Quality lab created diamonds allow you to own beautiful, luxurious jewelry for a fraction of the price of the “mined” variety, and avoid some of the ethical concerns that come with the purchase of regular diamonds. However, we were unhappily surprised to find that some of the jewelry vendors advertising on the Web were providing misleading information at best.

It seems that the majority of companies advertising “synthetic diamonds”, “man-made diamonds”, and “lab-created diamonds” are in fact selling common and inexpensive “fashion jewelry” quality gemstones. These vendors try hard to conceal this fact. In some cases, these vendors are not located in the US but are in Asian and Pacific-Rim locales. In addition to perhaps misrepresenting their products, these vendors often do not provide adequate customer service and their return policies are substandard. You may find yourself with a piece of jewelry that is not what you bargained for, and faced with the problem of trying to return it to some obscure foreign destination.

How We Made Our Picks

In most cases, we actually purchased one or more items from eight different companies selling lab created diamonds via the Internet. These were the companies whose names ranked the highest when doing a search on the popular Internet search engines. We tested the gemstones for their quality, durability, radiance and refractive properties. We had a Master Jeweler examine the settings and render an opinion on their finish and quality. Lastly, we rigorously tested their customer service departments by making multiple inquiries, returns and exchanges. If you want to purchase perfect, flawless, man made diamonds set in high quality, beautifully executed jewelry, our recommendations are:

Editor's Top Choice

Best for Colored Diamonds

Best Ethical Choice

Diamond Nexus Labs
Diamond Nexus Labs
Gemesis Cultured Diamond
Green Carat

It’s really no surprise that Diamond Nexus Labs was our top pick. In our review, they clearly did the best job of creating extraordinary fine jewelry set with flawless lab-created diamonds. They have a large jewelry selection, and a complete custom jewelry production facility where they can create any jewelry design imaginable.

The jewelry items we purchased were absolutely gorgeous and of obvious high quality. They were completely indiscernible from “real” diamonds. They also have a wide selection of diamond cuts, including some of the more unusual ones such as Asscher and Cushion.

Their shipping was fast and accurate and the items arrived beautifully packaged and presented in elegant hardwood boxes. They were ready to give as a magnificent gift right out of the package.

Their customer service was friendly, informative, responsive and no pressure. Their warranty and guarantees and their return policy are without equal. Our return items were processed quickly and with no hoops to jump though. Diamond Nexus Labs is located in the heart of the Midwest in Franklin Wisconsin, which in our experience is also confidence inspiring.

Gemesis Cultured Diamonds has been a leader in the creation of synthetic diamonds since the beginning of the “synthetic diamond revolution.” Their specialty is fancy yellow, pink, blue and other colored stones.

Colored diamonds are some of the most highly prized of all diamonds, and executing flawless, exquisite fancy colored stones has been the company’s focus since its inception.

The company partners with a group of brick and mortar retailers to sell their products, though a web-retailing outlet will be available soon.

We found Gemesis’s products to be excellent in design and execution, although, in many cases their stones will be set by one of their independent jewelry partners. The examples of their jewelry mounted with the Gemesis “Technicolor” stones were quite stunning.

As their stones are available retail, they can be purchased loose and any competent jeweler can set them in a separately purchased mounting.

Our interactions with the company were generally good. They were responsive to our questions and stood behind their product very well.

“Environmentally and ethically responsible” is the credo of Green Carat. Their website is worth visiting just for the education about the environmental damage caused by gold mining and the serious ethical questions surrounding the diamond industry.

The company only sells jewelry that is made from gold that is either re-cycled, or that is mined by artesian (non corporate) local miners in accordance with fair-trade practices.

The company has a wide assortment of jewelry items, both with gemstones and without. In alignment with their “green” image, some of their jewelry is very unique and organic in design.

At this time their selection of items containing lab created diamonds is somewhat limited, but we are told that they will be expanding their selection in the near future.

We found their service and policies to be good. We did have one troubling episode involving a overcharge, but it was cleared up to our satisfaction with a couple phone calls.

If you are environmentally concerned and practice the “green lifestyle” Green Carat offers an excellent choice.

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