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Asha® Overview
  Only the best will do:

Asha® was developed because of our customer's dissatisfaction 
with the alternatives available to them in the diamond  simulant market. To this end, every aspect of Asha® was done using a  'what is the best choice
approach for each and every step of its development. Asha® is hand-cut
to precision, and grades better in every aspect of the GIA diamond 
grading scale than most diamonds. Asha® is E color, Flawless, and scores 
Excellent Polish, Excellent Symmetry, Excellent Proportions.  All Asha rounds 
are cut to the exacting standards of Hearts and Arrows cuts.

The goal for Asha® was to be a visual clone of the best cut diamonds available.  Asha® is the only diamond simulant in the world that employs a patent pending form of "Amorphous Diamond" which is man-made and "composed of a multitude of tiny diamond crystals all aligned together*". To better describe how the hybrid stone is completed, we have begun calling it "Diamond Infused", as atomic force microscope analysis shows that the microscopic diamond crystals literally penetrate into the upper layers of the Asha® crystal, to form a new stunning diamond simulant.  See the difference amorphous diamond treatment makes for yourself here!

The results:
Ultimately, the beauty of Asha® will have to be judged by you. Any purchase from us is safeguarded by our 14 day, money back guarantee, our Better Business Bureau online certification, and our commitment to your total satisfaction with any purchases from us via the Asha® lifetime warranty.

Our customers have told us their jeweler's, friends and strangers have been stunned by the beauty of Asha®. Here's one such example from an email we received just the other day from a new customer (we asked for permission to reprint this):

"The 1 carat Asha® I bought from you is absolutely stunning mounted in a platinum solitaire. The jeweler who has been in business for 30+ yrs said it was one of the most beautiful diamonds he had ever seen and had a difficult time believing it was an Asha®, and not an absolutely flawless natural diamond."

Read more feedback from our customers here!

Learn from other people's mistakes:
Be sure you don't waste your money and time by buying goods that are sold under an 'All Sales Final' banner. Always be sure you evaluate any purchase under natural sunlight/daylight, and don't buy based on how it appears solely under the bright lights of a retail jewelry store!  We have heard many tales of woe from customers who bought other simulants under rather questionable sales practices, but now wanted to replace their stones after seeing Asha®. Anyone can tell you their diamond simulant is the best, the proof, however, is how it appears to your eyes!

Take your time, read through our website and research your choices. An educated consumer is our best customer, and we hope that by reading our site you can gain more than enough knowledge to make the best choice for your jewelry needs!

*Barnard, Amanda (2000). The Diamond Formula: Diamond synthesis: A Gemological perspective.  Boston: Butterworth-Heinemann  

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