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Asha® BrillianceScope
Test Results
Results: Round : Princess : Flanders : Radiant

A Gemex™  BrillianceScope™

Asha® maxed out the meter for fire and scored in the top% for brilliance and scintillation. Very few diamonds will ever match this type of showing.

Q: How do you compare and objectively measure a diamond or diamond simulant's beauty?

A: By utilizing the GemEx™ BrillanceScope. We have had both our Asha® princess and Asha® rounds evaluated against diamond regarding brilliance, fire, and sparkle. The testing equipment used was the GemExBrillianceScope, a device specifically developed to help compare diamond beauty (light return effectively) in a more accurate manner than simply looking at angles of how the stones are cut. It shines a light at the gem in question from six angles, and measures the total light return. It then rates those scores against a diamond database that was developed using thousands of diamonds, and ranks the gem in question on a comparative linear scale.

Note:  White light = Brilliance, Color Light = Fire, Scintillation = 'Sparkliness'

Asha® H&A 1.00ct sample results (E, Flawless, $425).

A SuperbCert 1.09ct natural H&A diamond (D, Internally Flawless, $21,500)

Shown below is Light Views 1-5 for a 2.00ct sample Asha® H&A
Click here to view the same light views for natural diamonds.

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