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Welcome to BetterThanDiamond
Creator of the patent-pending Asha® - Fake Diamond, Real Diamond Beauty™

Fake Diamond: The Asha H&A Round Simulated Diamond

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Why is Asha® the most realistic fake diamond?

The Asha® is the only simulated diamond that employs an optical layer with a refractive index higher than diamond, and true lab created amorphous diamond (pure carbon diamond bonds) in its construction.  The process for producing the Asha is US Patent-Pending.

The result is a dazzling faux diamond that shows more beauty, sparkle and fire than many typical, natural diamonds - hence the phrase, "True Diamond Beauty™".
(see the Asha's BrillianceScope testing results below for a comparison against natural diamond). 


US Patent Pending:  The Asha® is so unique that it is US Patent Pending:

US Patent Application No: 12/139,931
Method for Producing a Highly Refractive Composite Gemstone, and Product

Fake Diamond in Cutting

Fake Diamond Coating Process

Asha in cutting

Asha's being loaded for the amorphous diamond infusion process in the clean room

Because Asha® contains actual diamond carbon bonds and an optical layer designed to boost the refractive index, the result is a diamond simulant that is at last able to truly mimic the light play, lustre and beauty of gem diamond but at diamond simulant pricing.

The end-result:  Just as cultured pearls offer you the beauty of pearls at a fraction of the natural pearl price, Asha® is able to offer you the brilliance and stunning beauty of real diamond, but at a fraction of the natural diamond price.


"I've had my asha stone for almost 5 years now.

I had received a 1.25 carat round stone which was set in my bridal set. My new asha was so beautiful that I sold my .75 carat diamond.

Well after almost 5 years the stone is still just as beautiful as the day I received it.

To this day only my husband knows this is not a mined diamond. I have always have many comments about how sparkley my ring is. People say they spot it from across the room....I have also recommended your site to people who want a high quality stone without the high price of a mined diamond.
- Customer Testimonial


Please note: Asha is our diamond simulant product (fake diamond, imitation diamond, etc).  If you are looking for our true, lab-grown diamonds (yellow diamonds, blue diamonds and pink diamonds), please visit our subsidiary,

Fake Diamond compared to Real Diamond
Is the Asha realistic?  
Seeing is believing - above is a customer photo showing an Asha®  
next to her Eightstar diamond.
(photo courtesy of Marriahlyn of our message boards!)

As further, up-front proof of how realistic the Asha diamond simulant is, a sample 1ct Asha round was submitted for evaluation by an objective measure of diamond beauty, the Gemex Brilliancescope system.  

The Brilliancescope utilizes a laser and computer to measure a diamonds light return and then rank its beauty according to how it compares to other natural diamonds.  Diamond beauty is broken down as "White Light return", "Colored Light return" and Scintillation.

The results?  The sample Asha, a 1ct fake diamond, scored at at the extreme high-end for all three aspects of diamond beauty, easily outperforming the typical natural diamond.

Sample Asha Diamond Simulant vs. typical natural diamond:

Asha 1ct H&A round results:

Fake Diamond, scoring high on real diamond testing

*Typical American Round Brilliant cut diamond 
(normally cut to maximize finished weight vs. optimal beauty)
The above photos and scales are copyright Gemex Systems

We invite you to browse our website and learn more about our Asha diamond simulant.   

In keeping with the beauty and realism of the Asha, we only utilize high-end, heavyweight jewelry mountings suitable for holding the finest of natural diamonds for our jewelry offerings.

fake diamond earrings  

"I got my princess cut earrings today and they are the most gorgeous earrings 
I have ever had

These diamonds are more sparkly than my engagement ring which is a natural D/VS1 diamond! They are simply breathtaking! These are classy and made to perfection.

Thanks so much! This is my second purchase with you and not my last!"

Customer testimonial, reprinted with permission.  Lots more testimonials here.

All the beauty of diamond stud earrings but for only $269?  

 Seeing is believing!  Try our #1 selling 1.5ctw, 14k White Gold Asha® Princess 
stud earrings for only $269!
save over $130.

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