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Amora Moissanite Round

  • Customer photo - 8mm Amora Moissanite, next to F/G diamond band
  • Zoom photo of laser engraving on our new production
  • Independent Color Grading report that ships with Amora Moissanite
  • Previous style grading report
  • Customer photo: Our Tiffany Cathedral Solitaire, 3mm width, in palladium, set with a 7mm H color Amora enhanced Moissanite, ring size 4.75.
  • Customer photo: 10mm (4ct) Amora enhanced M next to natural diamond
  • Customer photo (Clo333) - 6.5mm Amora M
  • Customer photo (Clo333) - Loose 6.5mm Amora (bottom), 1.5ct natural diamond (G, 1.5ct SI) in ring
  • Image 9
  • 4ct / 10mm Amora Enhanced Round Brilliant Moissanite
  • Image 11
  • Amora with flash, 6.5mm
  • 1.50ct (7.50mm) Mira sample grading report
  • Customer photo (Clo333) - Loose 6.5mm Amora, 1.5ct G diamond in ring
  • 4mm Round - Regular vs. Mira Enhanced
  • Customer photo (Clo333) - 6.5mm Amora
  • Image 17
  • Customer photo (Clo333) - 6.5mm Amora
  • Example certification showing color grading
  • Raw moissanite vs. K color master
  • Raw Moissanite, 7.5mm vs. E and K color master
  • A Mira is born!
  • Mira compared to E and K master color
  • Image 24
  • C&C Moissanite, 8mm (pre-Mira)
  • An 8mm Mira is born!
  • Customer photo: 10mm (4ct) Amora M next to natural diamond
  • Customer photo: Asha (top, 10.25mm), Diamond (Center, 7mm), Amora enhanced (Bottom, 10mm)
  • Customer photo (Clo333) - Loose 6.5mm Amora Enhanced M
  • Customer photo (Clo333) - Loose 6.5mm Amora Enhanced M
  • Customer photo (Clo333) - Loose Mira 6.5mm, 1.5ct natural diamond mounted in ring
  • Customer photo (Clo333) - 1.5ct G Diamond in ring, 6.5mm Mira loose
  • Amora enhanced Moissanite, 7mm / 1.25ct
  • Customer photo (Clo333) - 6.5mm Mira
  • Customer photo- 6.5mm Mira
  • Customer photo - Mira is loose, bottom left in photo
  • Image 37
  • Image 38
  • Amora Enhanced Moissanite High Zoom surface image (to show no lizard skin surface as can occur with Forever Brilliants)
  • Grading report for Amora Moissanite - ships with all Amora's 6mm (.75ct) and larger.
  • 10mm Amora Moissanite grading report (4.00ct equivalent)
6.5mm, 7mm, and 8mm sizes in stock now.
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Product Description

 "I really feel like I won the lottery with this stone. It is just so pretty!

I can't believe it is mine and that moissanite has come this far...."

- Customer Feedback


Amora Enhanced Rounds:  Moissanite, Perfected

*The whitest Moissanite available - G-H-I color

*The only Moissanite that is Independently color graded and certified at an independent diamond grading lab with former GIA graders.

*Pre-screened for cut quality with over 50% rejected. (see examples of pass/fail stones from pre-screen below) 

*1.5% Harder than regular Moissanite = even more durability for a lifetime and beyond.

Update (4/28):  We had a large batch of G color, 7mm's, but all have sold out.  We have 8mm and 6.5mm in progress now.


Please email if you would like to be added to the waiting list for a size that is currently sold out.     

You may email us via our contact page to be placed on our waiting list - please indicate your desired stone size and we will email you when one is ready for you.

Note that we be restocking 6.5mm-8.0mm sizes only. 
For all other sizes please see our Amora Gem Ultra H&A.

We are also pleased to announce that we have been successful for the first time ever in achieving H color in the 9mm round size.  This shows the ability of our new equipment as this has never been accomplished before.




When nothing but the most brilliant round (~9% more brilliant than diamond) can exemplify your love, then look no further than Amora Moissanite.  Amora Moissanite is The Whitest and Brightest Moissanite available.

Amora Moissanite is the first true "H color" Moissanite available anywhere (becomes I after 8.5mm - 9mm) for center stone sizes 7mm and higher.  We back that claim with independent color grading and certification for *every* Amora enhanced Moissanite 6mm and larger.

Raw moissanite (what is sold everywhere now as "moissanite") is K color (per GIA, K color is 'faint color') or worse  for 7mm and higher.

If anyone claims differently, ask them why they don't offer an independent grading report for their 'near colorless' moissanite.

Amora Enhanced Moissanite is created by the following process:

1 - Raw moissanite rounds from Charles and Colvard are filtered to ensure no excessive green tint or poor cutting (this results in 40 - 65% being rejected...with the rejection % increasing the past few months for new pre-screened stones)

Note - here are two photos illustrating what is rejected due to cutting...the difference is fairly obvious and unfortunate that Moissanite cutting quality is so low:


Indirect lighting:


2 - Raw moissanite is then transformed, with our own unique equipment, to substantially improve, at the atomic level, the color of the Moissanite.

The improvements permanently transform it into a more perfect Moissanite (perfect Moissanite is colorless for reference) and thus create an Amora enhanced.  This transformation is somewhat analagous to HPHT when done for diamond (turns brown diamonds clear), and the visual improvement can be startling - 7mm and larger Moissanite's go from K/L color to H color (faint color to true near-colorless).

4 - The Amora Moissanite undergoes a final independent inspection at a diamond grading lab to prove its final color grade.

5 - In addition to the improved color, testing at a major university found that the hardness of the Amora Moissanite is typically 1.5% harder than regular Moissanite.  Testing was conducted using an MTS nanoindenter.

All Amora enhanced Moissanite ship with laser engraving, and sizes over 6mm with an independent color grading report.

Price comparison  (Diamond = H color, VS, Good+ Cut.

Carat Weight

Amora Enhanced Moissanite






13 Amora or 1 Diamond




18 Amora or 1 Diamond




21 Amora or 1 Diamond




36 Amora or 1 Diamond




52 Amora or 1 Diamond

All Amora over 6mm will  come  with laser engraving and independent grading report.  All Amora are always laser engraved, no exceptions.

Example Certs:

Amora Moissanite review cert 8mm

 Amora moissanite review 7.5mm round cert

Other Details

Amora vs. Diamond - Brilliance:
RI: 2.65-2.69 vs. 2.42 (Amora +10%)
Amora vs. Diamond - Fire:
Dispersion: .104 vs. 044 (Amora +136%)
Amora vs. Diamond - Color:
H color H Color (Draw)
Amora vs. Diamond - Laser Engraving:
Yes Yes (Draw)
Amora vs. Diamond - Independent Grading:
Yes Yes (Draw)
Amora vs. Diamond - Ethical / Environmental Concerns:
None Maybe (Advantage - Amora)
Amora vs. Diamond - Physical Stability:
Excellent Good (Advantage - Amora)
Amora vs. Diamond - Pricing (2ct, H Color VS):
$995 $21,148 (Amora +2,135% )

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Product Reviews

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  1. Sparkly!

    Posted by Paris on 7th Jan 2015

    I feel so lucky to have found the Amora Moissanite! It is absolutely beautiful!From the moment I opened the package, it took my breath away. For the price, I would definitely say that it is so worth it. No more spending big bucks on natural mined diamonds. The Amora Moissanite is the way to go! So pleased with the product and the service. Buy with confidence!

  2. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Apr 2014

    When my fiance and I started talking marriage I began my search for the perfect diamond alternative. I love the look of a diamond, but cannot stand the idea of him spending THAT much money on a stone, plus the entire blood diamond thing is a real downer. I came across this site and drooled over the pictures of the Amora Moissanite and did my fair share of research before deciding this was the stone I wanted. It took me some time to convince him but I finally did and he purchased a stone which he had set in a setting we fell in love with from a local jeweler. He surprised me with the ring recently and I cannot stop staring at it! I've gotten so many compliments because it is just so sparkly! Love love LOVE this stone. I highly recommend it!

  3. Stunning

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Mar 2014

    I worked in the operations department of Tiffany & Co for a few years. It's safe to say that I worked with some of the worlds most beautiful diamonds on a daily basis. Let me tell you, this stone is absolutely stunning. From an ethical and economic standpoint this stone far surpasses the value of a diamond. I highly recommend.

  4. Absolutely Stunning!!!!

    Posted by Crystal on 18th Feb 2014

    When I started this journey on searching for a stone and ring style I literally spent ten hours a day for weeks researching every company and every simulant available. I honestly thought I was losing my mind, just when I thought I found "the ring" I found something wrong with the stone or changed my mind on the setting overnight! My poor husband thought I had become possessed, I wasn't disagreeing. This was the seond time around for choosing a wedding set, my original ring wasn't done like I wanted and the simulant had already turned cloudy in a matter of weeks! I was so embarrassed but I didn't say anything for about a year until I just got so tired of hiding my ring. It wasn't my husbands fault, he merely wrote the check. I thought I made myself clear by bringing in a picture but what I got in the end wasn't that picture. Oh well, my wonderful husband said let's get it right. You can imagine the pressure, we spent 3,000 on the first set and that's a lot for a ring I think.
    After speaking or trying to speak with other companies but not getting a response for days and not answering all of my questions I finally found BTD. Dana was on it! She answered me the very same day! I knew I wanted the Amora by this time but she helped me finalize my setting. I chose the Timeless Regal in palladium with a 2 carat round H in color. I waited weeks nervously but it came today!! Right on time as well! It is simply the most gorgeous, stunning, beautiful, amazing ring! The setting sits low, it's a very thin delicate band, the polish is perfect, the stone is to freaking die for!!!!! I can't believe it's mine! After reading so many ladies stories and likes and dislikes on simulants this is truly the best choice! It has the slightest warmth to it and I am super color sensitive. Having that little warmth just makes it more realistic because we couldn't afford a colorless 2 carat by any means but this we can pull off no problem! My family knows and was impressed I didn't want to spend that kind of money on a diamond but the rest of the world, let them drool! :) My wedding band is a diamond eternity ring and it is a pretty close match, nobody will be able to tell. I even went into a jeweler to look at a FB and it was super yellow, this isn't even able to be called yellow, so slight and not all of the time. You cannot go wrong with this company and this ring! Literally my eyes started to tear up when I was emailing a big thank you to Dana!

  5. Blown away!

    Posted by Unknown on 10th Dec 2013

    I just wanted to say that I love the new packaging! I just received the 2
    carat Amora Moissanite I ordered and I was blown away. :)

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