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Purchasing from United Kingdom - Import tax and duties guide



The UK is one of our top ten markets for our colorless H&A gems, and thus we wanted to provide a quick overview for customers to be aware of typical taxes levied during the import process for your order.


The UK assesses import Customs Duty on any items imported regardless of it being a commercial entity or private individual.  
This is calculated by the actual cost of the item(s), including the cost of shipping & insurance.  
Imports may also be subject to other taxes or fees, such as Excise Duty or Import VAT.

Shipping to the UK is a flat $44 fee. 


The standard VAT for items imported into the UK is 20%, although the rates can vary depending upon the specifics of the item or where it was produced.  
This is calculated against the total sum of the customs value of the item(s), any duty amount required, and the cost of shipping & insurance.  

The duty amount for items imported into the UK varies from 0% up to 10%, an average rate is 4.6%, although jewelry is generally around 2.5%

An example, for an order total of USD$1,500, there would be an estimated total cost of £225 in fees. 


Please note that while we present the information above based on our best efforts, government regulations can and do change...thus, we encourage you to check directly as needed with UK customs as well, via their website:

United Kingdom Official Customs website