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Amora Eternity Stud Earrings, Universal Pricing

  • Amora Super Ideal H&A Eternity 4 prong platinum studs, front view
  • Amora Super Ideal H&A Eternity 4 prong platinum studs (our "Overnight" Amora stud earrings!)
  • Amora Eternity H&A overnight studs in sunlight!
  • Amora Eternity Super Ideal H&A - Studio Photo
  • Amora Eternity compared with H&A diamond - spotlighting
  • 4 Prong Martinis in a studio photo
  • Back view of our 4 prong martini earring - these 'hug' the stone nicely
  • Protektor back option
  • Protektor back, die-struck locking system used on our Overnight Asha earrings.
Restocks coming over the next two weeks for some sizes - however, 1.05ct and .80ct each ear will not be restocked due to lack of suitable rough for cutting to those sizes.
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Product Description

Amora Super Ideal H&A Earrings:  Our Dazzling Amora Super Ideal Eternity H&A 4-prong Martinis, in Platinum, with Protector Locking backs.  

Universal (or flat) pricing offering improved pricing!


1/17/18 - We are down to our last pair of 2.10ctw (1.05ct each ear).  These, along with the 1.60ct (.80ct each ear) will not be restocked as we no longer have any rough for those sizes.  (Issue with how Amora is grown makes it very hard/rare to get those sizes).  Thus, last chance for one of our most stunning earring sizes!  

12/2/18 - We sold out of the most recent restock, but have one last group of earrings restocking before Xmas - inventory has been updated to reflect available quantities.  These will be ready to ship after Dec 12th, with about two weeks remaining before Xmas!

11/20/18 - As expected, we are currently sold out.  We will have 2-3 more pairs of 1ct each ear (2.10ctw) and 1 pair of 2ct each ear, ready by the first week in December and have made these available for order.  These will be the last earrings available before the Holidays!

(*Please note - these are earrings that are in progress and may take 1-2 weeks to complete and ship.  For our inventory of "can ship today, receive tomorrow" Eternity earrings, please see our Overnight Eternity Earrings by clicking here.)


Current special:  4.14ctw (~2.07ct each ear, 8.18mm) - E color, VVS average - Universal Pricing, no cert - normally $2450, $1999 during intro period (save $450). 


Our stunning, Amora Super Ideal Eternity H&A gems set into 4 prong, platinum martini settings with Protektor locking back system - the ultimate gem for the ultimate stud earrings!  

Our universal priced Amora Eterrnity earrings are true, Amora Eternity H&A gems just without the independent certification process and priced at a flat, or universal, $525/ct.  This new option was requested frequently by customers who wanted to have the beauty and sparkle of Amora Eternity's on their ears, but without the need for the certification and details of each Amora Eternity.

Thus, these offer simpler pricing and lower cost/time of production by omitting the independent certification for each Amora.  These are still true, Amora Eternity H&A verified as usual via our Sarin HD system at our production facility, and independently reviewed by a Graduate Gemologist before being put into our Universal Priced Eternity program.  The average color is E, and average clarity is VVS.

Why are our Eternity Stud Earrings so popular?  First, Amora Super Ideal Eternitys readily match or exceed diamond H&A, yet are up to 21x better value:  

Below, you can compare an Amora Eternity vs a $45K H&A Diamond and see if you can tell which is which with our Amora Challenge - An Amora Eternity compared to a $45K H&A Diamond, in 5 types of lighting.   

Can you tell which is which?  Seeing is believing!


10 years of Stud Earring knowedge goes into our Amora Eternity studs: 

We've sold a lot of earrings over the past decade, and the clear winner for the most popular is our 4 prong Martinis with Protector locking backs.  Thus, we've focused on perfecting the logistics of these in order to pre-stock, reduce the cost per pair while perfecting the setting work, and make them available in Universal flat rate pricing to further maximize the beauty/value equation for the Eternity studs.

These earring settings feature our incredible Amora Eternity Super Ideal H&A round centers, with Martini-style mountings in order to fit snugly with minimal droop during wear.  These ship in our all-wood earring boxes, ensuring a quality presentation experience versus many of  the 'felt' holders others ship their earrings in.  

We use only the proven, die-struck Protektor earring locking system that assures constant and reliable gripping power to minimize the chance of losing a stud, plus easy on/off via the release tabs.  (Friction backs hold well for a while but slowly and inexorably lose their spring and thus gripping power...until they fail, and usually result in the missing earring being noticed too late to recover).  

Details, Details, Details:  In addition - we use Platinum for the mountings and then finish these with rhodium plating to give you a stunning high gloss finish while keeping the durability of platinum.  We also polish the interior of the earring prongs before seting (this is normally only done in the finest of earrings) and then set  the Eternity Amoras, to ensure that every angle of your Eternity studs, even in the interior, has sparkle and life.

Our 4 prong Martini style earrings are low-set, highly visible, and simply beautiful!  The 4 prong is preferred over the more typical 3 prong as the 3 prongs tend to create a triangular look to what should be a round look..thus the 4 prong preference.


4-prong Martini style earrings




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