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Our Business Purpose:

Produce the World's Most Stunning Gems.

We are unique in our purpose and laser focused.  Because gem cutting and crystal properties are the two main components required to produce the world's best gems, we are a half robotics, and half gem company.  Nearly all of our gems are independently graded and ship with independent certification to prove their quality and beauty.  

We design and produce our own TIGER gem cutting robot, which is the world's best gem cutting robot with 10 micron level precision, and have nearly 10 years of robotic gem production experience.  

For 2016 - we have moved into an expanded production facility in WA state, and produced additional new TIGER robots this year to greatly expand our Amora Gem production.

Asha simulated diamond



BetterThanDiamond is a 24 year old privately held company with seven figure annual revenues, and customers in over 105 countries.

We are headquartered in Issaquah, Washington USA:

BetterThanDiamond, current office

Our brands:

Amora®, The Ultimate Gem:  Amora H&A is The Ultimate Gem, and the first colorless gem to surpass diamond by nearly every measure (Briliance, Fire, Color, Toughness and more...). 

Takara - true lab grown diamond, with independent grading reports ($3500/ct+)

Amora Enhanced Moissanite - world's first true G and H color Moissanite, with independent grading reports ($455/ct+). 

Asha - world's first amorphous diamond and optically enhanced CZ  ($150/ct+).  Patented.

Avarra - true lab grown sapphire, emerald, ruby and alexandrite ($79 - $149/ct)

Timeless - our own unique CAD designed jewelry for housing our stunning gems with quality matching or exceeding those of any major high-end retailer (we invite you to compare).

Corporate Milestones:

2001 - Introduced Asha, the worlds first enhanced CZ using amorphous diamond.

2002 - Introduced Takara, the first true lab grown diamonds to be offered direct to consumers online (yellow diamonds).

2004 - Introduced Takara lab grown pink diamonds.

2008 - Introduced Asha version 6 which included a new optical enhancement layer with a refractive index higher than diamond, and applied for US patent.

2009 - Tired of the constant false advertising omnipresent in the simulated diamond industry, sued for false advertising and defamation.  Received successful consent injunction which included transfer of ownership of website. 

2011 - Introduced Amora Enhanced Moissanite ("Moissanite, Perfected").  A new atomic level color improvement to moissanite allowing it to achieve true H color, an industry first. 

* Asha granted US Patent (#8,056,363)

* US and international patents in progress for Amora Hearts and Arrows

2013 - Amora(r) is now a registered mark in the US, Canada and Australia.

* July 2013 - First sale of Amora Gem to the world

2014 - Amora Gem sales eclipse the seven figure mark.

* Our internal  robotics  division is founded, led by a PhD with 20 years robotics experience.  Our new TIGER robotic cutting system begins development.

2016 - Moved into larger production facility. 

Our corporate giving:

While our gems help make the world more sparkly, we consistently donate to various non-profit organizations to help them make the world a better place.  

One of our main donation themes has been with helping protect the worlds elephant populations from unsustainable levels of poaching.  Thus, we currently sponsor an orphaned elephant (whose family was killed for ivory) Quanza at the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, as well as our very own Amora, the baby elephant, who lives  in the Amboselli region in Kenya via Amboselli Trust for Elephants.

Amora the elephant

Amora, the beautiful baby Elephant!

In addition, we have made donations to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, to help fund training of their land mine clearing rats, Oceana, Defenders of Wildlife and more.