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Takara lab diamond Restocking schedule

This page is designed to be a central page showing what is currently in production and when they might restock.

Note that the fastest way to be notified of a Takara meeting your criterion is via our automated wait list system here:

Restocks are normally posted between 2PM PST and 6PM PST.  However that is simply the typical times with no guarantee.

Current restock schedule - updated 4/13/19!:  


Update - Loose Takara Super Ideal: 

4/15/19 We have two 1.20ct+ Takara's scheduled to finish cutting this week. Allow a week or so for grading and expect these to be available by 4/26 or so.  We'll have our own internal grading results this week and will report those (99% agreement with diamond grading lab results, in 1% of case color difference of one letter grade - higher from the lab than our own :)

5/1/19 - Up to six more 1ct+ Takara's completing.  We also should have our first 3mm Takara Super Ideal H&A available for use in bands as sets!