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Takara lab diamond Restocking schedule

This page is designed to be a central page showing what is currently in production and when they might restock.

Note that the fastest way to be notified of a Takara meeting your criterion is via our automated wait list system here:

Restocks are normally posted between 2PM PST and 6PM PST.  However that is simply the typical times with no guarantee.

Current restock schedule - updated 13 July 2020:

Takara Super Ideal H&A Rounds are being restocked weekly!

Here is a link to our Inventory Search Page, which lists what we currently have available.

Next restock - we've restocked with a massive new inventory of over 500 new Takaras, from 1.00ct up to 2.67ct.  Colors are mostly E - G. 

We're sold out of 6mm size though (.75ct) and hope to restock those for earrings by Dec 20 or so.  

(for now we have restarted Amora production and back to regular restocks there as the bang for the buck is still much better with Amora.)

8/15/19 (estimated) - 1.53ct G/VS H&A.  (Also working on more 5mm and 6mm for earrings).

7/5/19 - 2.04ct H/VS!  Our first 2ct+ H&A.  (update - Sold!)

6/16/19 - We have 11 new Takara's and these are out for sale.    Sizes over 1ct tend to sell very quickly, so you may wish to sign up for notification when we restock. 





1.60 - Not AGS-000, I1 clarity

1.00 - already sold







5/6/19 - Completed!  .76ct D/VVS1

.89ct D/VS2

.90ct D/SI1

1.12ct D/VS1

1.51ct D/VS1

4/26/19:  We have three new Takara's available: 1.50ct (Sold), 1.26ct, 1.20ct. All three are D color!

5/1/19 - Up to six more 1ct+ Takara's completing.  We also should have our first 3mm Takara Super Ideal H&A available for use in bands as sets!