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Amora Eternity Super Ideal H&A Compared to H&A Diamond

Amora Eternity Super Ideal H&A -  greater beauty than any other gemstone or diamond in the world.

We have spent seven figures and over seven years in our quest to produce the World's Most Stunning Gem.

With the Amora Eternity, cut to our optimal Super Ideal H&A specifications, we are confident in our claim that Amora Eternity is the most beautiful round cut gem in the world.

Thus, if you want the very best, Amora Eternity is it.

Since 'seeing is believing', below are multiple videos comparing the Amora Eternity H&A with the very best cut diamonds in the world, H&A Diamonds.  H&A cut round diamonds are < 2% of all diamonds and represent the pinnacle of diamond beauty and price.

We are pleased to share multiple videos showing you how Amora Eternity performs right next to one of the worlds most beautiful H&A diamonds to make our case that Amora Eternity is the worlds most stunning gem. Thanks to Jonathan at for the footage and comparison H&A diamond!

Amora Eternity and H&A Diamond - Full Spotlighting:


Dim spotlighting:

Office (diffuse) lighting:


Full 360 degree zoom video - showing off every detail: