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Purchasing from Taiwan - Import tax and duties guide

Taiwan import tax for jewelry

Taiwan has become a top 10 market for our colorless H&A gems.  As such, we are pleased to present an overview of the approximate taxes that may be levied as your order enters into Taiwan by customs.

Note - taxes and duties are levied on any import whether from a commercial entity or private individual.

Duties:  Taiwan has a duty rate of 0-30%, with an average of 6.25% duty.  Items less than 3000 TWD are exempt from any duty.  

Sales tax: 5%, based on CIF (cost, insurance and freight).  BetterThanDiamond does not charge for insurance, so the sales tax will simply be your order total * 5%, plus 5% * any duty levied.

Shipping to Taiwan is a flat $44 fee. 

Trade promotion tax = .04% of the total value

Thus, on average you can expect a total of approximately 11.3% additional fees (6% duty, 5% sales tax, .04% promotion tax) to be added to your purchase by Taiwan customs.

Please note that for exact amounts, we encourage you to contact Taiwan customs directly via their website as the duty % varies based on which items are ordered:

Taiwan Customs Website