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December 2016:

1 - The USPTO (Patent and Trademark Office) has granted Amora "The  World's Most Stunning Gem®" as our new registered mark!  

As a bit of backstory, a prominent H&A diamond maker initially disputed this with the USPTO but ultimately dropped the case.  Thus, we were granted our new registered mark on November 29th.

Our trademark is  thus 5,089,998 and we get to use the ® symbol with our trademark.


November 2016:

TIGER robot upgraded to TIGER 1.1!  

After four weeks of non-stop rain in Seattle, the humidity began to affect our electronics.  After losing multiple production runs, we opted to go ahead with the upgrade to implement our newest electronics originally planned for TIGER-2 and 3, into TIGER 1.  Among many improvements,  the new electronics use waterproof connectors.

This resolved the issues as well as enhanced the robustness of our electronics platform overall.  Included in this  upgrade - new parts for  TIGER's wrists and a complete tuning of all of it's arms.

This resulted in a short-term hit to our production in November as TIGER was down for nearly two weeks.  However, combined with our new v4 processing tools, production has jumped substantially now, and we're very pleased with the upgrade!


October 2016:

1 - Our new Soaring Hearts Eternity H&A cut has begun production!  We worked with the world's leading cut design firm who has done significant research into the effects of stereoscopic vision on cut design.

After one month of  deep computing work, the Soaring Hearts Eternity H&A round was born as the most optimized H&A cut for fire and brilliance under human viewing.

The human viewing aspect is important because previously all other modeling software worked on 'ray tracing' which lets you  monitor light rays in and out and maximize that.

However, human vision is actually two images, each slightly angled, that  are then  recombined in the brain to form the final image of any gem. 

Thus, while it requires significantly more computing power, this form of modeling outperforms any other as it most accurately models human vision. 

We're pleased to thus have the most optimized H&A cut possible for our Amora, the new Soaring Hearts Eternity H&A!  All production from October on is the new Soaring Hearts Eternity.


August 2016:

1 - is inducted into the Inc5000 list of fastest growing, privately held US companies!  

We ranked #2949 based on verified 3 three year financials.  Microsoft, Intuit, Oracle  and other's are former members of the Inc5000, so we're thrilled to be in rare company. (Microsoft is a nearby neighbor and our President is a former Microsoft Program Manager and Programmer).

Perhaps even more exciting, per the Inc5000, we are the 64th fastest growing manufacturer in the US.

As a result we get to use the spiffy Inc5000 logo on our website now (see the Inc5000 award medallion above).

July 2016:

1 - Soaring Hearts H&A Round sales begin!  Soaring Hearts is our computer optimized design using the world's most advanced gem design software.  Currently only BTD and the GIA have licensed this in the US.

In addition, the Soaring Hearts features our new nano-metric polish, a 64 facet vertical girdle (normally done H&A diamonds, but not done by any other diamond alternative due to the cost and difficulty), and our new micron level TIGER robotic cutting.


2 - TIGER Robot is now multi-patent-pending! 

Our first and seconod patent app for TIGER is underway with the US patent office.  That officially makes our TIGER robot not just 'patent-pending' but now 'multi-patent-pending'!



This is for the dual-phase cutting process we developed to obtain micron-level precision, and a second cutting related process. 

February, 2016:

1 - Our first TIGER gem cutting robot is completed (Valentines Day, literally).  Installed in our new cutting facility with production starting in March.  First ever robot to achieve 10 micron gem cutting accuracy. 

2 - Hearts & Arrows Innovation patent granted to BTD for Amora Gem and multiple other SiC crystal types in Australia - 2016100041.  Granted Feb 11.

3 - Work begins on TIGER-2 to expand our production.  We hope to  complete and install in time for Holiday sales, 2016.

November 2015:

*Record monthly sales for Amora Gem, led by our Amora Gem Ultra H&A rounds! 

*Total BTD November sales jump > 100% vs. October!


August 2015:

*Our Takara lab created diamonds include the world's largest, colorless, lab created round diamond available for sale!  

 2.40ct, D color, Ideal cut round with VVS2 Clarity.  Here's a link to the news reporting of it:


July 2015:

*USPTO awards BTD registration for our "Ultra Hearts & Arrows" trademark!  This will further help highlight our unique Ultra H&A cut, which was developed to maximize both fire and brilliance for our best-selling round Amora Gems.

*5 month sales (revenue) growth rate =  +40% vs. same point in 2014.

April 2015:

BetterThanDiamond has paid off the last of it's six figure equipment loan, more than two years ahead of schedule.  BTD is now entirely debt free!


January 2015:

Annual sales growth of +38% (2014 vs 2013 sales).  


May 2014:

1Q Sales +63.36%.  

Very small chance we might make it into the Inc5000 this year, better chance in 2015 when the US market opens to Amora Gem.

Amora is now a registered trademark in Canada! (Alongside Australia and of course the US).


January 2014:

Annual sales revenue for 2013 increased +22% versus 2012.


October 2013:

Amora Gem, the world's newest gem, tests as diamond on many diamond and moissanite testers. 

Link to Wall Street Journal which carried the press release:

July 2013:

BetterThanDiamond begins production and first sale of Amora, The Ultimate Gem:

<Oops, we failed to keep this page up to date for a bit so we've got a time skip here for 2012 >

November, 2011 (11/11/11):

Amora, The Ultimate Gem, Makes it's global debut at the Hungarian Natural Museum of History:

November, 2011: 

Asha has been granted a patent by the US patent office and so moves from patent-pending to 'Patented': Method for Producing a Highly Refractive Composite Gemstone, and Product.  US Patent: 8,056,363.   The official issue date is 11/15/2011.
uly, 2011: Files Patent Re-Exam Request for Charles & Colvard's US Patent

June, 2010: 

Lawsuit against for False Advertising and Defamation concludes in favor of BTD

Additional info on the lawsuit from our discussion board.

January, 2009: Announces Record Holiday Sales

November, 2009:

Man Made Diamonds - Myths Vs Reality, 2009

May, 2008: Spring Sales Revenue Surges 70 Percent
January, 2008: Holiday Sales Revenue Surges 57 Percent Doubles its Lab-Grown Yellow Diamond Production for 2008

December, 2007: November Sales Revenue Up 46%, Led By Asha® Diamond Simulant Sales

October, 2007:

Man-Made (Cultured) Diamonds - Myths vs Reality, 2007

December, 2001: Announces Another Scientific First for its Asha(TM) Diamond Simulant