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Amora Gem Oval

  • Computer image - Pure Hearts Amora Gem Oval
  • Computer image - the "hearts" pattern of our new Pure Heats Amora Oval
  • Computer image - the Arrows of our new Pure Hearts Oval.  Not a perfect arrow pattern like in the round, but the best arrows you'll ever see for an oval!
  • Computer modeled ASET image for our upcoming Amora Gem Pure Hearts Oval
  • Computer image - Ideal Scope of our upcoming Pure Hearts Oval.
  • Computer image
  • Original Amora Gem oval - small size photo
  • Original Amora Gem Oval - Studio photo
Currently sold out of all sizes in the oval. Please sign up on the notification list to be emailed when we restock!
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Product Description


Update - we're currently sold out of all Amora Gem ovals.  We are hoping to start restocking soon with our new, in-progress "Pure Hearts" oval cut,  and all new Ovals will be cut by our TIGER robots.  Please sign up on our notification page to be contacted for our next restock.


Introducing our new "Pure Hearts" Amora Oval!  This is the first "near H&A" oval to ever be developed, and we have a patent application in progress for it!  

Computer photo-realistic video of our Pure Hearts Oval in spotlighting:

Background - Ovals and the "bow tie" problem:

All previous regular oval cuts suffer from the "bow tie" problem.  This is two black triangles in the center of the oval that are areas where light is not being reflected, due to the distortions imposed on the facets due to the elliptical shape.  Whereas a round has equal and symmetrical faceting all the way around, stretching a round into an oval inherently forces some of the facets to be distorted and thus unable to reflect light vs. those that remain their correct length.  This is the resultant "bow-tie" effect that plagues all regular oval cuts.

Our new, patent application in progress, Amora Oval leverages a technique known as 'split facet' cutting.  

This was originally developed by the famed South African diamond cutter Basil Watermeyer in the 1970's.  Basil was passionate about non-round cuts, and wanted to figure out how to improve their optical performance to bring to life fancy shapes that were closer in brilliance to rounds.  (Rounds, because they are 100% symmetrical, are always the most brilliant cut).  

He was able to finally do this with the development of his split-faceting technique.  However, split-faceting is hard to do as it requires very high precision, and further is wasteful of the rough.  Thus, it was never widely done for diamonds.  

However, because we have our TIGER robot we are able to cut much more precisely than any other robotic system,and since our business purpose is to  produce the World's Most Stunning Gems,  we set out to develop a new Amora Gem oval that would utilize TIGER and further develop the split-faceting technique for the ultimate Oval.  

Our cut designer, after 12 iterations was able to develop a new oval cut that began to present somewhat of an H&A pattern!  That was very exciting, and this design was then further refined with significant computer modeling using our newest modeling program until we came to a new design that presented a near H&A pattern and outstanding overall brilliance and fire.

The "Pure Hearts" name was developed for this new cut because it had a hearts pattern from the first model.  The arrows came later as part of the extensive computer modeling.

Most importantly the new Pure Hearts Oval completely eliminates any type of bow-tie!  The result is exceptional brilliance and fire, and the overall look and feel of an H&A round - never before seen in an oval cut!



Add yourself to the Oval notification list and specify the size oval you are after.  This will help us to prioritize what sizes to make for upcoming production:

Other Details

Carat weight to mm Conversion based on previous inventory :
(girdle thickness varies and thus can vary ct)
2.08ct :
9.28mm x 7.17mm
2.30ct :
9.49mm x 7.36mm

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