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Amora Gem Pricing

Amora Gems are sold by diamond equivalent carat weight, with the price per carat determined by color and clarity.  

Base pricing is currently $628.95/ct for F color, VS clarity for Amoras produced after Sept 4th, 2014.  This pricing is valid until Sept,  2015.

There are then respective color and clarity premiums and discounts which affect the final per-carat price.

Below is a simple chart which you can use to determine pricing.

1 - Select the color you want to get the base per carat price.  

2 - Add the clarity premium or discount to get the final per-carat price

3 - Multiply that price by the carat weight you are purchasing.


 Example: If you want to purchase a 1.5ct E/SI1, then see that E color is $728.95/ct and SI reduces it by $25 = $703.95/ct.  

You then multiply that rate by the size, 1.5ct.  

Thus $703.95  x 1.5, which equals $1055.93 as the price for the 1.5ct E/SI1 Amora Gem.


D color premium varies based on availability: For several months of initial production we had no D color at all. Currently we have some small amounts of D color, however it remains our rarest color grade.

We have no control over what the yield of D color is from batch to batch and thus this premium will fluctuate based on available supply.

Also note that D color becomes incredibly rare for sizes over 9mm, so there may be an additional rarity premium if/when we have D color in those larger sizes.