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Why Amora Gem?

In a world with diamond and many diamond alternatives, including lab diamonds, CZ, Moissanite, etc. what makes Amora Gem stand out vs all the other options?  Or simply - why buy an Amora Gem?

A summary answer is  - Amora Gem was created and is produced to be the Ultimate Gem.  From it's inherent properties with more fire and brilliance than diamond, to the massive R&D and computer modeling for Super Ideal Cuts, and finally to the perfection of polish and diamond sharp facets from our proprietary Nano-Polish process, the Amora Gem is able to outperform any other gem, anywhere.

Thus, when you want to present or own the very best, Amora Gem is an exceptional choice that readily outperforms diamond, the former top choice, on both a beauty and value perspective. 

For less important jewelry or fun rings, etc. then Moissanite or Asha may make more sense. 

To start - Amora Super Ideal Eternity, compared with an H&A diamond - spotlighting:


Details & comparisons!  

Let's jump right in to some immediate detail comparisions - first up, facet edges and polish quality!  A common way CZ and other diamond alternatives can easily be differentiated is that their facet edges are not as sharp.  Diamond and Amora Gem are both extremely hard, and thus when polished properly, exhibit 'diamond sharp' facet edges. It requires a very hard crystal to hold a knife edge. 

This sharp edge is an important feature for ensuring maximum fire.  Rounded edges will cause the light trying to exit to roll back into the stone and dampen it's fire.  We know from hard earned experience - initially the Amora Gem was so hard it wore down the polishing tools and we ended up with rounded facets on the first generation Amora's. After a lot of R&D, we were able to develop a proprietary "nano-polish" process to ensure diamond sharp facets.  Other gems like Forever One Moissanite have not been able to do the same as you will see below.



On a crystal properties basis Amora has greater fire and briliance than diamond, greater toughness than diamond, and is ~ 30% harder than Sapphire (the former #2 hardest gem). 

In addition, unlike diamond, Amora Gem is highly dirt and grease resistant.  Diamond has a unique characteristic in that it is highly attractive to grease (in fact old mines used grease to seperate diamonds from the rocks).  However, with your skin, hair, etc. all constantly producing grease, it makes keeping a diamond sparkling during wear a daily cleaning must.  

Beyond the native crystal properties - Amora has had substantial money invested into R&D for all it's cut and all are 'Super Ideal' for their respective shape.

<<to be continued! -- >>