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Amora Gem - Care Guide

Amora Gem is a true 'forever' gem that you will pass down to your children.

However, for Amora Gem to look it's best, you have to ensure no buildup of grease, lotion, hard water, etc. that otherwise creates a layer between you and the Amora Gem.

In general Amora  may be cleaned just like diamond but here are some general tips:


1 - Weekly cleaning - an overnight soak in a solution of  warm water and hand dishwashing soap will help to break up resident grease.  

While diamond is very attracted to  grease, fortunately Amora Gem is not so your Amora can stay more sparkly between cleanings since grease (skin oil, lotion, etc.) will not buildup as rapidly.

Regardless a once a week overnight soak will prevent longer term build up and keep your Amora looking great.


2 - Hard water buildup - occassional cleaning - We recommend a periodic soak in a solution of warm water and 1/4 to 1/2 vinegar to combat and remove hard water buildup.

Most water contains calcium  which will deposit like barnacles onto most gemstones over time.  As a  ring is run under water,  even when towel drying,  water will evaporate but leave behind the calcium carbonate (limestone) that will begin to build up on your gem.  This can create a whitish haze layer and/or a rainbow effect in some cases,  but in all cases reduces the optics of the gemstone.  Worse, the buildup often occurs underneath the prongs where it can't be towel dried,  and that layer can begin to impart color to the stone.

Vinegar is acidic, and thus attacks the base PH of calcium carbonate and removes it.

One caution - vinegar can attack weld joints to some degree, so for rings with weld joints you will want to  minimize how long the ring itself soaks.  Thus standing the ring upside down with a solution just high enough to cover your gem will keep the ring weld (commonly at  the  junction of the prongs and ring shank) out of the solution.


3 - Ultrasonic - Ultrasonics are an excellent way to clean but can cause some issues with vibrating loose small side diamonds.  In addition, you  must ensure that all rings  are spaced far enough apart not to bang into each other or you will risk scratching/damaging your jewelry.

Thus, we recommend ultrasonic be done less frequently overall and prefer the gentler soak in warm water and dish soap to chemically remove most grease buildup.


4 - Ounce of  prevention is worth a pound of cure:  Note that the longer you go between cleanings, the harder it  will be to completely remove the layers of grease buildup.  Cleaning can only remove a layer at a time, and so the more layers of dirt and grease,  the harder it is to fully remove.

Thus, a consistent soak routine will ensure that your Amora looks it best during the week and over time without requiring substantially 'deeper' cleanings to undo various buildup.


5 - Make sure to avoid Bleach for all jewelry - Bleach is a strong oxidizer and does nothing positive for jewelry or gemstones.  In fact, bleach can and will literally dissolve white gold, as well as worsen hard water buildup if water is present.  

Repeated exposure to bleach, chlorine, etc. can also attack and break down the solder in all rings and cause failure in either the ring sizing weld, or the weld that often joins the ring prongs to the ring shank.

Therefore, always keep all jewelry safely tucked away when working with bleach or most harsh chemical cleaners.