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Blue Diamonds - Takara Lab Grown

Takara Blue Lab Grown Diamond in Halo ring


Our Takara Lab Grown Blue Diamonds are identical in every way to the extremely rare and valuable natural blue diamonds with one exception - they were born in a lab rather than mined.

Takara blue diamonds are real diamonds - not CZ, not Moissanite, etc. and will pass any and every test for diamond...because they are *real* blue diamonds.

Blue diamonds are white diamonds that have small amounts of boron in the diamond crystal structure.  The addition of boron creates the stunning blue color unique to true blue diamonds.  The most famous blue diamond is of course, the Hope Diamond.

Takara Blue diamonds are not irradiated, treated, or altered in any way - they are simply grown and cut and display their natural stunning blue beauty.

Natural blue diamonds have set the record for most expensive gem per carat at over $1,200,000 per carat.  

You'll be pleased to know that we are able to offer a limited amount of Takara blue diamonds for $4-6,000 per carat.  All Takara blue diamonds ship with an independent diamond grading report from a reputable gem laboratory. 



Blue Diamonds - Takara Lab Grown

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