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Amora Gem Restocking Schedule

With many sizes and shapes of the Amora Gem currently sold out, we wanted to provide a central page showing what is currently in production and when they might restock.

Note that the fastest way to be notified of an Amora meeting your criterion is via our automated wait list system here:

Restocks are normally posted between 2PM PST and 6PM PST.  However,  that is simply the typical times with no guarantee.


2017 Production update - we are setting new weekly production records now with our v7.1 TIGER Robot parts, and availability has significantly increased.  

Record % of D and E color, Internally Flawless as well.

Current - updated 4/18/17:

Next restock - Thursday or Friday, April 20th/21st = 8.5mm / 2.50ct 


Tuesday, April 4th - 6.5mm (1.0ct) - Sold Out - Restocked with D-G color.  VS2 - IF clarity.

Tuesday, April 11th = 8mm / 2.00ct and 9mm/3.0ct! - Sold Out.

Tuesday, March 28th - 6.5mm & 10mm (4ct) - Sold Out.

Monday PM, March 13th -  9mm and 10mm (4ct) - Sold Out. D and E color, 39% Internally Flawless.  Price reduction for DEF color now that we have been successful in moving most  production to D and E color.  10mm - Sold Out.

March 1st - 7.5mm & 9mm.  9mm have sold out.  1.63ct - 2.93ct, D-F color, IF-VS2 clarity.

Feb 23rd - 7.5mm & 9mm - 1.63ct - 2.98ct.  D-F color (91% E  color, 40%  are Internally Flawless).  9mm = Sold Out.

Feb 8th - 6.5mm - Sold Out.

Feb 16th - 7.5mm & 9mm - 1.67ct - 2.97ct.  D-F color (67% E color), Internally Flawless - VS2. 55% are Internally Flawless! Sold Out.

Jan 24th - 1.14ct - 1.83ct.  D-H Color.  3 D/Internally Flawless! (1.14ct, 1.24ct, 1.76ct).  Sold Out.

Jan 25th - 6.5mm, 7mm, 7.5mm - D-H color, 1.16ct - 1.89ct.  4 D color/Internally Flawless, 2 E color/Internally Flawless!  Sold Out.

Jan 31st - 7mm - 1.34ct - 1.49ct, D-H color. Sold Out. 


Monday Jan 9th  -- AM restock of 7.5mm.  D,E,F color - 1.52ct - 1.70ct.  Sold Out.

Monday Jan 9th -- PM PST restock - 7.5mm - E,F color - Sold Out.

Saturday, Jan 7th - 6.5mm - 7mm.  D, E, F color - 1.15 - 1.37ct. Sold Out.

Dec 28th - 7.5mm - E-G color.  Sold Out.

Dec 27th - 7.5mm - D-G color.  Sold Out.

Dec 21st - 7.5mm x 2 sets.  First set, D-H color,  Sold Out.  

Second Set posted near Midnight - F-H color, Sold Out.


Previous Restocks (all previous restocks have Sold Out): 

8mm - Friday, Dec 9th - 2.01ct - 2.17ct, D-H color, VVS-SI clarity.  Sold Out.

7mm & 7.5mm - Tuesday Nov 29th.  H Color, 1.25ct - 1.56ct. Sold Out.

7.5mm - Wednesday Nov 30th.   G and H color, 1.50ct range. Sold Out.

Nov 18th - 6.5mm/7mm  - 1.15ct - 1.27ct - F & G Color.  Sold Out.

Nov 19th - 8mm - 1.98ct - 2.03ct.  E, F and G color.  Sold Out.  

Mondy, Oct 10th - 7.5mm Soaring Hearts- Sold Out  D-G color.

Tuesday, Oct 11th - Sold Out - 7.5mm Soaring Hearts - G & H color.

Wednesday, Oct 12th - Sold Out - 7.5mm Soaring Hearts, D & H color.

Tuesday, Sept 20th - 8mm Soaring Hearts - G color. Sold Out.  1.97ct - 2.18ct

Thursday, Sept 22nd - 9mm Soaring Hearts - F-H color.  Sold Out. 2.91ct - 3.11ct

Tuesday, Sept 13th - 8mm Soaring Hearts - H color - Sold Out

Wed, Sept 7th - 7.5mm and 8mm Soaring Hearts - Sold Out - 1.31ct - 1.95ct, E-H color.

Friday, Sept 9th - 8mm Soaring Hearts - Sold Out - 1.94ct - 2.12ct, F-H color.


August 30 - 7.5mm Soaring Hearts &  6.5mm Soaring Hearts - Sold Out - F-H color, SI1-VVS1 clarity, 1.02ct - 1.78ct.

Sept. 2 - 6.5mm Soaring Hearts - Sold Out - E-H Color - 1.07ct - 1.11ct.


Previous restocks:  

9mm Soaring Hearts H&A - 8/23 - Sold Out.  G-H color, VS1 - Internally Flawless Clarity.

8mm Soaring Hearts H&A - 8/25 - Sold Out.  1.85-1.90ct sizes.  D-H color, VS2-Internally Flawless Clarity.

This restock features our first ever D color, Internally Flawless Soaring Hearts Amora!


August 3rd - 8mm Soaring Hearts - F-H color - Sold Out.

July 28th - 7mm Soaring Hearts - D-G color! - Sold Out


 (7/8) - Sold Out:

First 8mm, TIGER cut Soaring Hearts Ultras!  7/8 - 2.00ct - 2.04ct. - Sold Out.


 (July 12th): - Sold Out.

TIGER-cut Soaring Hearts Ultra Rounds: 8.50mm, 8.0mm, 7.50mm (2.50ct, 2.00ct, 1.50ct)


July 15th - 11:30AM PST - Sold Out:

TIGER-cut Soaring Hearts Ultra Rounds, H color: 7.50mm (1.50ct)


July 22nd - Sold Out:  9mm Soaring Hearts Soaring Hearts Rounds.

July 25th - Sold Out - 8mm Soaring Hearts - Sold Out


General:  Our inventory is at all time lows (sold out) due to extremely high demand. We have introduced a new nanometric polish with the new Soaring Hearts Eternity H&A Round!

Our new TIGER robot is now producing Amora Gems and all Amora Gem production now is exclusively TIGER cut.