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Amora Gem Restocking Schedule

This page is designed to be a central page showing what is currently in production and when they might restock.

Note that the fastest way to be notified of an Amora meeting your criterion is via our automated wait list system here:

Restocks are normally posted between 2PM PST and 6PM PST.  However that is simply the typical times with no guarantee.

Current restock schedule - updated 6/15/18!:  

(Note - Overnight Eternity Earrings are selling rapidly and we have restocked. 1.00ctw (.50ct each ear) coming soon!

Amora Eternity Overnight Earrings page

Update 2- Custom Cut Amora Gems!  We have opened up a new option to better balance demand with production.  You can now order a custom cut Amora Gem and we'll cut to your mm specs.  Production moving forward will mostly be focused on Eternity H&A, so for other fancy cuts a custom cut order is the fastest bet -

Update - Loose Amora Gems:

Next restock -

Thursday, June 21st- the laser system for processing Amora rough broke down for 3 weeks so production is behind schedule.  We expect to have:

Eternity:9.3mm (3ct), 6mm (.75ct) and 5mm (.50ct)

AVR(OEC) - 7.5mm (1.50ct), 8.5mm (2.50ct)

Cushion H&A (1.5ct)

There will be additional fancy cuts (eAVC) but most of these are already spoken for in the sense of having been ordered as a custom cut Amora (thus will likely be sold without ever showing on the site). 

Thursday, May 24th - Krupps, OEC, 5mm (.50ct) Eternity! (This will open up 1.00ctw Amora Eternity Earrings for the first time!) - posted out for sale!

Thursday, May 10th - posted:

 7mm (1.25ct) Eternity H&A, 10mm (4ct) Eternity H&A, 12-13mm Eternity H&A (5ct+!).

Krupps and AVR-OEC.


Posted for sale: 

Monday, 4/23 - 6.5mm (1ct) Eternity Super Ideal H&A - both D/IF and E/IF!!

Tuesday, 4/17/18 - 8.50mm (2.50ct+) Eternity Super Ideal H&A - F- H Color.


Tuesday April 10th  ( Oval H&A, 1.25ct Eternity H&A, 2ct Eternity H&A)

We've restocked as expected.  A large number of 7mm (1.25-1.35ct) available again at last!  D-H color, VVS1 - VS1.

8mm Eternity (2ct) also restocked - D-E color, VVS1 - SI1 clarity.

The ovals also stocked but are on hold for customers who placed deposits.


Posted for sale - Friday  April 6th:  1.50ct (7.5mm), 5mm (.50ct), 6mm (.75ct) Eternity H&A. Our first ever 5mm (.50ct) Super Ideal Eternity H&A, along with several 7.5mm (1.50ct) Eternity sizes that were sold out!

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Previous restock - 3/7/18:

Cushion H&A 2ct (D-H color, IF-SI1)

Asscher 2.50ct

Princess 2.50ct

Eternity H&A = 3ct, 4ct, 5ct (including 3ct D/IF!)


Bonus restock - 2/28 - Super Ideal Eternity H&A

2.58ct - 2.98ct, (8.70mm - 8.98mm) - F & G color, IF - SI1 clarity


Completed - Tuesday, Feb 27th (lab finished a day early):

Asscher - 2.46ct - 3.12ct, D/IF - G/VS2

Cushion H&A - 3.31ct - 3.48ct, D color, IF-VVS1

Krupps - 7.14ct (!) - D/VS2

Eternity Super Ideal H&A Round - 1.64ct - 3.16ct, D-G color, IF-SI2 clarity


Friday, February 16th  (60 Amoras total so grading lab will need an extra two days) - it's here and ready on the site:

1ct - 2ct / 8mm Eternity - E-F color, SI1 - IF clarity

2.50ct Asscher - E- I color, VS2 - IF clarity

3.26 - 5.74ct Cushion H&A - E - J color, VS2 - IF clarity

5.49 - 7.08ct Krupps!  E - F color, VS1 - IF clarity

3.39ct - 5.02ct Princess F - K color, VS - IF clarity

1.0tct - 8mm Eternity E - H color, SI1 - IF clarity

Note - sold out restocks include Krupps, 7.5mm (1.5ct) Eternity, colorless Princess!


Wednesday Jan 31st -  Available!  Here is what was in this restock:

Asscher - 2.17ct - 3.11ct

Cushion H&A - 2.60ct -2.94ct (D/IF - J/VS!)

Krupps - 1.96ct - 6.89ct (E/IF!)

Princess - 2.76ct - 2.93ct 

Eternity H&A - 2.03ct - 3.11ct (D/IF - J/VS2)  

Current Inventory (click to view)

(To simplify this page, we'll be primarily tracking just the next restock rather than previously having a long list of every restock that recently happened).