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Amora Gem Setting Guide

The setting requirements for the Amora Gem are extremely simple:

1 - Set it like a sapphire.

2 - Protect it from heat like a diamond.

That's it :)


To explain in more detail for those interested:

1 - Amora Gem is nearly 27% harder than sapphire, and of course, it is tougher than diamond.

Thus, treating it like a sapphire ensures a big buffer of safety for setting.


2 - The Amora Gem is extremely heat resistant since it grows natively in temperatures that would readily vaporize diamond.  However, the surface is less heat resistant than the body of the stone itself (since the surface has dangling bonds versus the atoms internally are all firmly bonded).

Thus, treating it like a diamond for heat during any jewelry work ensures a large buffer of safety from any heat concerns.