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Takara Eternity H&A Lab Diamonds - Pricing

All of our Takara lab diamonds are cut to Super Ideal Eternity Hearts and Arrows specifications (AGS Ideal - 0 equivalent). 

Fewer than 1% of all mined diamonds are cut to this level of perfection and beauty. This is because it takes significantly more time and accuracy to do, and cutting for beauty loses larger amounts of rough vs cutting to Ideal cut or lower (Excellent cut, etc).  More rough is cut away resulting in greater beauty but smaller finished diamond size.  This is why H&A cut diamonds are priced higher than regular rounds. 

We cut exclusively to Super Ideal H&A (AGS-0 equivalent) for our Takara lab diamonds, as it is produces the maximum fire and brilliance for diamond, and thus the greatest beauty.

Here is our current pricing, effective 11/16/18: