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High Pressure Enhanced Rings

One of the most cutting edge innovations in metallurgy is processing the finished casting under extermely high pressure in order to improve the finished metal over regular cast items.

The result is termed 'densification' because the entire crystal lattice (yes, metals are crystals) is forced into a more perfect atomic structure, eliminating gaps and voids and yielding an ultra-pure final metal for your ring.

This high pressure, post processing improves the hardness of both Platinum and Palladium 20% (!) over regular platinum or palladium.  

This means enhanced durability, wear-resistance, and beauty over time for your lifetime jewelry.

Below is visual proof of the difference - these are images taken at 50X magnification of two rings.  One is standard cast platinum, the other was post-processed under the High Pressure enhancement:

Normal Platinum casting - 50x magnification of internal slices:



and by comparison, the same ring style but High Pressure Enhanced:


Which ring would you rather have for your ring?  The difference is clear and this is why the High Pressure Enhanced metals are 20% harder.

We are automatically processing all our Timeless Platinum and Palladium rings with High Pressure Enhancement effective immediately.