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Amora Moissanite

The Whitest Moissanite 

Amora™ White Moissanite is independently graded at an average of four color grades whiter than regular Moissanite by Charles & Colvard.  

Amora Moissanite is the worlds first 'true' near colorless moissanite when graded on the GIA diamond grading scale for center stone sizes. Near Colorless is defined by the GIA as color grades G - J. 


Amora Moissanite Regular Moissanite
7.5mm (1.5ct) Round H Color K-L Color
7.5mm Cushion J Color M-N Color


"I was one of the first to receive my Amora Moissanite and in fact the first Aussie to own one!

I was blown away by her beauty she is so WHITE!

Having a jeweller in the family he was shocked at the beauty of this stone and could not believe it was a Moissanite... "

- Customer Testimonial


 Please note that our colored Amora Moissanite (blue and green) has no affiliation with Charles and Colvard and as a result, offers much better cutting.

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Amora Moissanite