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Asha cuts restocked - a number of sold out sizes available again

Posted on 16th Feb 2011 @ 11:46 PM

We've just completed a very large restock to bring our Asha inventory back into more normal status after selling out of many sizes and cuts.

The restock includes:

H&A rounds (including previously sold out 8mm and 9mm sizes)

Princess (including sold out 6.5mm and 7mm sizes)

Radiants (virtually all previously sold out)

Emeralds (nearly all sold out previously)

Asscher (and adds some new H color options)

Krupps cut


and adds the heart cut as a stocked cut (trial run for this cut).

All pre-orders will be shipping or proceeding with setting for those who pre-ordered prior to this restock.

Next up - we are working on adding more videos for the various cuts!