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The demand for our Amora Gem product has been outstanding and as a result, we are looking to add a few great people to our staff this year.

Our business purpose is to produce the World's Most Stunning Gems.  If you are passionate about our goal of producing exceptional beauty for jewelry lovers around the world, and consider your skills to be exceptional, we are interested in talking with you. 

Positions are described in more depth below, but please ensure you read the rules below or any application will not be considered.


1- Please do not email us or contact us about these openings using anything but the specified job contact channel.  

2 - Please include a short answer to the question - "What 2 companies do you admire, and why?" 

3 - Suitable references are required and will be verified.

Any resumes sent, phone calls, or contact via normal customer-centric channels will result in no further progress towards an interview. 


Customer Experience Manager (includes shipping, inspection, inventory management): Issaquah, WA - This position involves managing customer orders, along with inventory, from start to finish to ensure an exceptional experience for every customer order.

You would work alongside our office manager and handle inventory & re-ordering, incoming loose stone orders in terms of pulling and shipping loose gems, and initiating casting and setting processes for incoming jewelry (ring/earring, etc) orders.

Some customer interactions largely via email.  We use a highly automated system for most order aspects which you would be trained to use.  

Required skills- Fluid spreadsheet and typing, strong verbal communication skills.  Independent work ethic (no one will be micro-managing you) and an extreme eye for detail and precision.

Interested in applying?  Please read the application checklist above and forward your resume and/or a short summary of how your talents would mesh to [email protected]


Robotic Gem Production Engineer, Level 1: WA -  This position is an introductory level position with opportunity for advancement, reporting to our head gem cutter.  This opening will involve the direct oversight, care and feeding of our world-class TIGER robots in our WA cutting facility.  Our TIGER robots are the world's best gem cutting robots capable of 10 micron precision and custom designed andbuilt by us.  We are continuing to build more and so your feedback on how to improve future robots would be expected after learning the fundamentals.

The goal of the position is to ensure steady and growing production of the Amora Gem with our TIGER robots and would involve various tasks from inspecting and grading rough crystals, sawing, dopping and transfer of Amora Gem's in process, running and monitoring TIGER robots, and inspection and cleaning of finished Amora Gem's before they are sent for independent diamond grading.

Desired skill sets - strong work ethic, experience with any high precision work including gem cutting, precision machining, precision electronics or similar manufacturing, and a passion for robotics and producing the most beautiful gems in the world.

You must possess a talent for continuous improvement as we continue towards a goal of <1 micron precision with our TIGER robots.   

Interested in applying?  Please read the application checklist above and forward your resume and/or a short summary of how your talents would mesh to [email protected]