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Amora Gem Soaring Hearts Eternity Fancy Green H&A Rounds

  • Amora Gem Ultra H&A in Fancy Light Blue
  • Amora Gem Ultra Fancy Light Blue Grading report
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Extremely limited offering - this color was accidental, not intentional.
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Product Description

Our Amora Gem Soaring Hearts Eternity in a very unexpected (but attractive) Fancy Green color tinting.

The green color native to these is not caused by impurities.  Rather, it is caused by a slight shift in the crystal lattice during growth which allows green light to pass through more easily.  

We currently do not have any photos to show of these as these are the first we have had in over 3 years of production.



Studio video:




We are currently pricing these at the base Amora Gem pricing of $628/ct, with standard clarity modifiers:

VS: $0 change

VVS: +$25/ct

Internally Flawless: $50/ct


Future availablity?

These green tinted Amora Gem's were not intentional but rather a surprise to us.  We are still researching how this occured, but the net is that we do not know (and currently do not plan) to make more.  

Thus, these are are a very limited offering.  We are currently doing R&D for blues that are intentional (via boron or aluminum included during the growth) but these pure green are very rare.

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