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Overnight Earrings - Amora Eternity Stud Earrings

  • Amora Super Ideal H&A Eternity 4 prong platinum studs, front view
  • Amora Super Ideal H&A Eternity 4 prong platinum studs (our "Overnight" Amora stud earrings!)
  • Amora Eternity stud earrings - near colorless 3.00ctw studs!  As you can see, near colorless is still very white (Amora's face up higher color than their color grade)
  • Amora Eternity H&A overnight studs in sunlight!
  • Amora Eternity Super Ideal H&A - Studio Photo
  • Amora Eternity compared with H&A diamond - spotlighting
  • 4 Prong Martinis in a studio photo
  • Back view of our 4 prong martini earring - these 'hug' the stone nicely
  • Protektor back option
  • Protektor back, die-struck locking system used on our Overnight Asha earrings.
  • 2ct (8mm) each ear - in standard household lighting
  • 3.10cttw Near Colorless Universal Pricing Amora Gem stud earrings
  • 3.10cttw Near Colorless Universal Pricing Amora Gem stud earrings
  • 3.10cttw Near Colorless Universal Pricing Amora Gem stud earrings
  • 3.10cttw Near Colorless Universal Pricing Amora Gem stud earrings
  • Image 16
*Currently temporarily sold out *Order today, wear tomorrow! M-Th, orders in before 10amPST to a USA address.
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Product Description

Overnight Earrings:  Our Dazzling Amora Super Ideal Eternity H&A 4-prong Martinis, in Platinum, with Protector Locking backs.  

Ready to ship today, and arrive tomorrow (US Orders, Mon-Thursday by 1PM PST)



*New - Due to popular request, we are also offering 'Universal pricing' Overnight Eternity studs.  These are Amora Eternity with no independent certification, sold at flat rate pricing and have become our top selling earring option. 

Example: 1.05ct, E-F color, VVS each ear, with no certification.  

These are true Amora Eternity, however, we simply offer them at a Universal Flat price per size, allowing you to save on not having the independent certification costs and thus keep the focus on sparkliness in your ear.  


Why are our overnight Eternity Earrings so popular?  First, Amora Super Ideal Eternitys readily match or exceed diamond H&A in beauty.  Amora's have even been appraised as $55K mined diamonds at a regional diamond grading lab :).  

Even with matching or better beauty, Amora Eternity's are up to 21x better value.

Compare a recently sold certed pair:

Matched Pair - 1.09ct D/VS2   Amora Eternity Overnight Stud Earrings for $1,513.90 (including platinum mounts and overnight shipping)


1.09ct D/VVS2 H&A Diamond (Blue Nile Astor Ideal) $15,896.00  (closest match) * 2 = $31,792.00 (diamonds only).

21x Financial Improvement vs H&A Diamond!  Yet the Amora Eternity can easily be paired with next to a $45K H&A diamond due to Amora Eternity being cut same or superior to even H&A diamonds.  (equivalent of AGS-000, the very best and required for true H&A diamonds).  For reference, "H&A" Moissanite is only AGS-4 and regular Moissanite is AGS-10 (worst) cut grade.  

Below, you can compare an Amora Eternity vs a $45K H&A Diamond and see if you can tell which is which with our Amora Challenge - An Amora Eternity compared to a $45K H&A Diamond, in 5 types of lighting.   

Can you tell which is which?  Seeing is believing!

Note that we often have pairs of Eternity Super Ideal H&A perfection in stock - D color, Internally Flawless - E Color, Internally Flawless! Give her the absolute best

Continuing to the earrings themselves:

We've sold a lot of earrings over the past decade, and the clear winner for the most popular is our 4 prong Martinis with Protector locking backs.  Thus, we've focused on perfecting the logistics of these in order to pre-stock, reduce the cost per pair while perfecting the setting work, and make them available in many cases, literally overnight!  We include free *overnight* shipping, and only show what we have ready to ship and in stock. Orders placed by 1PM PST, Monday-Thursday, will arrive to most US destinations next day!   

These earring settings feature our incredible Amora Eternity Super Ideal H&A round centers, with Martini-style mountings in order to fit snugly with minimal droop during wear.  These ship in our all-wood earring boxes, ensuring a quality presentation experience versus many of  the 'felt' holders others ship their earrings in.  

We use only the proven, die-struck Protektor earring locking system that assures constant and reliable gripping power to minimize the chance of losing a stud, plus easy on/off via the release tabs.  (Friction backs hold well for a while but slowly and inexorably lose their spring and thus gripping power...until they fail, and usually result in the missing earring being noticed too late to recover).  

In addition - we use Platinum for the mountings and then finish these with rhodium plating to give you a stunning high gloss finish while keeping the durability of platinum.  We also polish the interior of the earring prongs before seting (this is normally only done in the finest of earrings) and then set  the Eternity Amoras, to ensure that every angle of your Eternity studs, even in the interior, has sparkle and life.

Our 4 prong Martini style earrings are low-set, highly visible, and simply beautiful!  The 4 prong is preferred over the more typical 3 prong as the 3 prongs tend to create a triangular look to what should be a round look..thus the 4 prong preference.


4-prong Martini style earrings




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Product Reviews

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  1. Superior in appearance to the diamond earrings

    By Unknown on April 19th, 2018

    I ended up ordering the 2cttw amora eternity earrings. I took them to Zales to compare to diamond earrings, trying to decide which route to go for my girlfriend. I had never seen an amora gem before.

    FYI they did test as moissanite on their diamond tester, but were superior in appearance to the diamond.

    [admin note: Amora will test positive as diamond on basically all pen type testers, and 50/50 odds if it tests as moissanite on Moissanite testers. Moissanite and Amora are in the same crystal family].

  2. Amazing sparkle!

    By Unknown on April 9th, 2018

    Let me preface this review by saying that I have two pairs of diamond stud earrings in platinum settings (E color 0.33ct each ear, and E color Hearts and Arrows 0.5ct each ear from a famous H&A brand), so I can give a fair comparison of how my Amora Eternity stud earrings measure up against diamond stud earrings - and, boy, do they measure up!! My Amora Eternity stud earrings are the most sparkly pair of stud earrings I own. Yes, they can definitely hold up to hearts and arrows diamonds. And, as a bonus, since I don't remove my stud earrings every day, the Amora Eternity studs don't seem to get greasy/filmy as quickly as my diamond studs do, so they stay super sparkly longer. I won't even go into the savings but since the Amora studs are easily equal to, or even more beautiful than my best H&A diamond studs, I won't be spending my money on any more diamond stud earrings in the future!

Previous | Showing reviews 6-7 of 7

Most Helpful Customer Reviews

  • I love them - they are stunning!

    By Unknown on 18th Nov 2019

    We got the earrings! They are stunning! I love them and the protektor backs are fabulous! The stones are gorgeous! Not sure I’d seen the eternity cut before, it is stunning! .. I cannot imagine a gem more perfect than this."

  • BTD support is really hitting it out of the park.

    By Unknown on 4th Aug 2019

    Also my wife loves her new earrings and we are happy we went with you guys.

  • gorgeous

    By Unknown on 13th Jan 2019

    I received the ear rings this morning and they are gorgeous! My wife loves them. Thank you for such rapid delivery. I ordered them late in the day yesterday and received them this morning. Amazing service!!

  • Beautiful!

    By Gina on 8th Aug 2018

    All I can say is that you did an amazing job!! Absolutely beautiful!! I have a pair of D color VVS diamond earrings, and when I compared the diamond to the amora gem earrings side by side, I cannot tell the difference at all!! Amazing job!
    And thank you for getting it to me on time for a special occasion! I have received so many compliments on the earrings! Love love love it!!

  • Absolutely stunning

    By Unknown on 7th Aug 2018

    Just wanted to say WOW!!!! LOVE my earrings!!! They are absolutely stunning ~ wouldn't have a clue I wasn't looking at diamonds..... and they are very comfortable to wear, I forget I have them in!

    Totally impressed with the eternity cut ~ you really nailed it! I look forward to picking out a round for my ring this next year.

    Thank you for such a wonderful product, and of course, for the best customer service always!

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