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Tiffany-style Classic Ring

  • Tiffany classic with 7.5mm round Asha center
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  • side view
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  • 1.5ct H&A Asha round in Classic Tiffany Setting
  • 1.5ct Asha Cushion in Classic Tiffany Setting
  • 2ct Asha Princess in Classic Tiffany Setting
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Normally ships within three weeks from order date. We are not accepting orders for this ring to be set with our Amora Gem.
Prong Style:
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Product Description

Die Struck Tiffany Solitaire

This is a thin, dainty Tiffany-style solitaire ring.

It is important to note that these are 'die struck' rings, and very solid despite the thin shank. 

Important: We do not recommend this ring for our Amora Gem and will not set Amora Gems into this ring.  

Rather, for the nearly same price point we recommend our Timeless Regal reproduction which is in the same style but features more detailed styling, High Pressure Enhancement and surprise diamond on the underside.  Our Timeless Regal page is here.

Die striking is a metal forming process that literally compresses the metals crystal structure via a hydraulic press to ensure maximum density and strength. Thus, die struck items have much more wear life (more metal hardness) than cast items because of their superior density. That is why the best wedding bands and jewelry are die struck, not cast.

Our wood lacquered ring box
(Click to enlarge)

Classic Tiffany Style Highlights:
  • Die-struck:
    To our knowledge, these are the only
    die-struck Tiffany solitaires in America.

  • Comfort Fit

  • 6 Classic Prongs for round stone, 4 prongs for Princess and Flanders

To order - you will need to add the ring to your cart, and a loose stone to your cart, if you would like a finished ready to wear ring.  We will automatically assemble the ring for you into a ready-to-gift/wear ring.

Priced to accommodate center stones from .75ct - 3ct in sizes.  Available for other options by special request.

A 2.5mm band is available to create a matched set.



Width, top:  2.5mm

Width, bottom: 1.84mm

Thickness, top: 2.67mm

Thickness, bottom: 1.40mm

Height of stone off of finger:  A 7.5mm round sets 8.65mm high.


Due to our sales volume, please allow an average of 15-20 business days between placing an order for this ring and receiving it. Please do not send an e-mail to inquire about the status of your order until at least two to three full weeks have passed since order placement.

We do not accept requests or financial inducements to "rush" a ring order - it does neither of us any good to rush a ring and then ship you a ring that is less than top-quality workmanship, so please plan ahead and order early 

If you have a special occasion planned that involves your ring order, please specify the date you need the ring by under the special instructions during checkout - we will do everything we can to make sure you have your ring by the date specified.

We hold the right to refuse any order that needs to be delivered within a timeframe we consider inadequate for the satisfactory and high-quality completion of the ring.

We will *not* consider any requests to deliver a ring by a certain date after your order has been placed.


Other Details

Production Style:
Die-Struck Ring

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Product Reviews

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  1. Asha looks better than my diamond

    By Unknown on July 31st, 2010

    "I just received my new ring. It's sooooooooo beautiful. I love it. I can't believe BTD made
    this ring so perfectly. The stone looks better than my diamond, I have to say. Thanks, BTD. "

  2. Exquisite Asha ring

    By Unknown on July 30th, 2010

    "When I got the ring all I could say was WOW, it is prettier and more
    sparkling than any of my friends' real diamond engagement rings.
    Honestly I will not trade it for a real diamond because I have been to
    jewelry stores and compared my ring to similar rings and they do not
    measure up. Everyone that sees it is speechless, and the most important
    thing is my fiancée is not broke. Thank you for an exquisite piece of
    jewelry, as I describe it:


  3. Ring of my dreams

    By Unknown on July 26th, 2010

    "I just wanted to write and let you know that for Christmas I received two
    most wonderful presents; a fiancé and the Tiffany Classic Solitaire
    with the 1ct H&A Asha® set in platinum! I was, and still remain speechless.
    My ring is the most gorgeous piece of jewelry I have ever owned hands
    down. The Asha® definitely out sparkles any diamond I have ever seen,
    and the craftsmanship is phenomenal. Also, the side channel set diamonds
    are the perfect compliment, and match the Asha® to a T. The shank is so
    shiny and smooth, it looks like liquid. The whole ring flows together
    beautifully! Finally, after such a long wait I finally have the man AND the
    ring of my dreams! Thank you so much for an absolutely stunning product!
    I will wear it with great pride!"

  4. LOVE it!!!!

    By Unknown on March 5th, 2010

    We got my ring today and I absolutely LOVE it!!! It's gorgeous!!! It looks like quite large on my finger (my fingers are kind of thin), so I'm glad you ended up using the smaller stone. I think the 1.5 carat might have looked gaudy. This ring is perfect. I'm just sorry I have to wait until after our anniversary (July 3rd) to show it off! I'm a very happy customer!

  5. Classic Tiffany Solitaire

    By Addicted2Diamonds on January 29th, 2010

    My fiancee purchased a 1.25c round hearts & arrow version 6 asha in a 14k white gold 6 prong classic tiffany setting.

    He requested that it arrive before we went on vacation and BTD was more than accommodating to this. It arrived SO quickly after ordering. When it came in I got to sneak a peak and I was AMAZED by how beautiful, sparkley, and realistic it was. I honestly could not believe that I had a 1.25c asha that looked EXACTLY like a diamond for 1/10th the price. I wear a size 6, so that might help with size/finger comparison.

    I have received nothing but compliments and positive feedback on the quality and size of the stone. It is absolutely more than I could have ever imagined and I am so happy we went with BTD. We were looking at DNL and after seeing the comparison pics (posted
    here ) I was convinced BTD was the way to go.

    Their customer service and attention to detail were marvelous and I would recommend them to anyone.

Previous | Showing reviews 6-10 of 10

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  • Beautiful

    By Carolyn on 3rd Jun 2012

    Highly recommend - a beautiful ring which you would not tell the difference from a real diamond. Very happy with my purchase. Thank you.

  • Beautiful ring, exquisite setting.

    By Charles on 10th Apr 2012

    The princess cut Asha is brilliant! Perfect workmanship on the setting! Wife love it very much! Mom and sister were skeptical before but when they saw it and they want some too! We are more than happy with the ring!

  • Amazing!!

    By Caty on 17th Dec 2011

    A huge thank you to Better than Diamond and Asha! I am extremly happy with my purchase! I was ready for an upgrade of my engagement ring and the only diamonds we could afford wasnt anything I felt proud to own. I wanted my ring to be as beautiful as my marrige is and I wanted to show it off! We traded in my real 1ct tw dingy diamond ring and used the money to buy the Tiffany style setting in 14K white gold and 6 prongs combined with the 1 ct. round Hearts and Arrows cut GH Asha. Waiting for it to arrive was the hardest part. It took 3 weeks to arrive and the customer service was very friendly and they responded within hours when I contacted them for a ship date. The ring arrived in a beautiful shiny wood box and the ring is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!!! I have been wearing it and starring at it in many different lighting for 3 days now. I wore it to work on Friay and all the girls in my office loved it. One girl even asked to try it on and I had no hesitations for fear she might think it wasnt "real". Everyone gave me and my husband many compliments. The true test came when I met my mom for breakfast this morning. She has a 1 ct round "real" diamond in a 6 prong 14K white gold engagement ring valued at $7500. I told her about my ring and the two of us compared throughout breakfast and my mom was in shock that the only way we could tell them apart was that her ring actually had a slight yellowish tint to it againt mine. Our rings sparkled the exact same! She kept saying dont forget which ones mine! lol I am amazed at how much light this ring reflects. The diamond truly parkles in every way! I am so pleased at how remarkable this ring looks and the setting is perfect, dainty but makes a statement 2nd to the diamond. I couldnt say more for the alternative this company provides to exagerated mall diamond prices and the dirty industry it is. You have made me an extremly happy customer!! Thank you so so much!

  • Fabulous ring, excellent customer service

    By Unknown on 30th Jul 2010

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU to you and everyone at BTD. I absolutely LOVE my ring
    that I got today- it is so beautiful- I almost fell on the floor when I opened the box. Amazing is all
    I can say. Fabulous ring, excellent customer service. I'll be back for more!

  • Thank you for my sparkly ring

    By Unknown on 30th Jul 2010

    "Thank you again for my beautiful ring!! I stare at it everyday, it just sparkles so much!!"

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