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Timeless Alondra Ring

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Currently in final molding. Pricing is without center stone - please add a stone to cart for ready to wear ring.
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Product Description

Due to popular request, our Alondra offers a sophisticated and delicate style while showcasing a stunning center stone.  Center stones of 6.5mm-10mm are the main size.

The ring features .30ctw total natural side diamonds.  Available as a wedding set with a perfectly matching band or bands, or alone as just the engagement ring.  

Comfort fit shank, and our suprise diamond on the underside of the center stone along with all the prong head details show this is no 'usual' engagement ring.

Note that the Alondra features a one-piece seamless design - zero welds or seams around the prong head, which produces an even stronger and more durable ring while maintaing the sophisticated and elegant styling.


Details, Details, Details - Why the Alondra is one of the world's very best Engagement rings:

High pressure densification after casting: The Timeless Alondra, when ordered in Platinum or Palladium, is among the only rings available in the world that are 'High Pressure Enhanced' after casting.  

This cutting edge high pressure process causes densification to the platinum and palladium yielding a finished ring up to 20% harder than normal platinum or palladium!  

The result is crisper polishing and a longer lifetime of beauty.  More details including comparison photos are on our High Pressure Enhanced page here.


Inner prong polish before setting:  We also polish the inside of the prongs before setting your center stone.  A small detail and one that most jewelers ignore, but our goal is to deliver the finest ring possible to you.

Laser ring sizing:  We are now doing all ring resizing with laser, rather than the old style torch and solder.  Why does this matter?  When you resize a ring, you have to cut it at the bottom of the shank, add or remove metal and then put it back together.  The old style method is to put solder and then use a flame to weld it back.  The solder however, is weaker than the original ring metal and can result in a line (seam) eventually showing and/or worse, the solder may not hold up as well over time to the dings/flexing, etc. during daily wear resulting in the ring eventually fracturing or popping apart at the seam. 

With laser resizing - no solder is used, and the ring is literally 'cast in place' as the laser heats and melts the ring metal together resulting in a ring that has no soldered seam and is thus much stronger and more durable.

Thus, our Timeless Alondra features a number of advantages above and beyond it's elegant beauty:

1 - Comfort fit shank

2 - Inner surprise diamond

3 - Seamless design - no weak solder points at the prong junctions.

4 - Laser sizing - no weak solder seam in the shank.

5 - Inner prong polishing before setting - another detail that adds to the overall beauty and a step commonly skipped by most ring makers.

6 - For platinum and palladium - High pressure densification of the metal resulting in a finished ring up to 20% harder than regular platinum or palladium, with crisper polish!

And the two-piece design including a band to make a matched wedding set:

Please note that this is for the ring and surprise diamond only, or effectively a finished ring with no center.  

For a ready to wear ring, please select an appropriate round center stone (8mm - 9mm rounds only) and add it to your cart along with the ring setting, then follow the promts through the checkout process..  

We will automatically size and assemble into a finished ring for you. 

Our Asha® H&A Rounds page is here and our Amora Gem Eternity H&A Rounds page is here.


Additional Details:

Surprise top grade, natural diamond on the underside.

Comfort fit shank for ease and comfort during daily wear.

Even the inside of the prongs are polished to ensure maximum shine from every angle.

A matching band to make a complete wedding set is available here.





Due to our sales volume, please allow an average of 12 business days between placing an order for this ring and receiving it. 

We do not accept requests or financial inducements to "rush" a ring order - it does neither of us any good to rush a ring and then ship you a ring that is less than top-quality workmanship, so please plan ahead and order early.   

If you have a special occasion planned that involves your ring order, please specify the date you need the ring by under the special instructions during checkout - we will do everything we can to make sure you have your ring by the date specified.

We hold the right to refuse any order that needs to be delivered within a timeframe we consider inadequate for the satisfactory and high-quality completion of the ring.  We'll pass on an order rather than risk shipping a rushed ring that doesn't meet our high quality standards for our Timeless brand.

We will not consider any requests to deliver a ring by a certain date after your order has been placed.

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