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Timeless Regal for Cushions

  • Center stone is a 7.5mm cushion.
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Pricing is for the metal ring only - please add a stone to cart for ready to wear ring. Normally ship within three weeks.
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Product Description

Optimized for cushion cut centers, the Timeless Regal Cushion ring features split prongs that can be claw finished or round finished.  In either case, the split prongs offer exceptional security for your center stone while at the same time minimizing the amount of metal distraction.  


Featured here, a 1.53ct D/IF Amora Gem Ultra H&A Cushion:

Like our Regal for rounds,  the Regal Cushion features all of the same exceptional quality touches including:

1 - 2.5mm Comfort fit shank - a must for enjoyable daily wear.

2 - Soft knife edge - retains the crisp knife edge appearance while ensuring daily comfort on your other fingers.

3 - One piece, seamless design - the ring is cast as a single metal casting.  There are no solder or weak joints used unlike most Tiffany style rings that solder (weld) in the prongs.  Instead, the Timeless Regal is one solid metal casting from the start ensuring both durability (no weak solder points) and beauty (no ugly solder lines).

4 - Signature surprise diamond - on the underside we set a 1.5mm F/G VS well cut mined diamond.  An elegant touch ensuring sophistication and sparkle even from the underside.

5 - Full polish on the inside  of the prongs before setting - While many jewelers feel this is a bit excessive, we strive for perfection on every aspect of our Regal rings.  Thus, before setting your center stone, the entire inside of the prongs receive a full polish just like the exterior.  This helps produce a bit brigher finished center, and also ensure polish and elegance for your Timeless Regal.  Most rings are simply left with the inside where the stone sets with only a quick crude polish leaving a darker interior for the center stone.

6 - Laser sizing - ultimate strength and no seam beauty - While we often can cast your Regal ring directly into your ring size,  for some sizes we have to adjust to ensure an exact fit.  For this we only use a laser to resize.  When rings are resized at most jewelers, a cut is made a the base of the ring, metal is added or removed, and then a solder (or glue) is  then applied to both sides and the ring is welded back together.  This, of course, leaves a seam where the solder is.  Further, since the solder is a different material than  the ring, it can flake and wear over time eventually showing a seam where it is, or worse, simply breaking open leaving you with an unwearable ring until re-soldered.

By contrast  - with laser sizing  no solder is needed. Instead, the laser literally melts the metal back together and the ring is seamlessly cast in place again.  Thus, no solder joint, and a much stronger and effectively seamless ring!


Our newest improvement on our unique and stunning ring is our new one-piece seamless design, designed to accommodate Cushion cut center stones in 6.5mm - 11mm sizes! 
Available as a wedding set with matching band or alone as just the engagement ring.   

"The set is super comfortable to wear. I literally have to look at my hand sometimes to see if I'm wearing my rings."

 -- Customer Feedback on their Regal wedding set



Available in platinum, and by special order can be made in palladium.


Even more impressive - The Timeless Regal, when ordered in Platinum or Palladium, is among the only rings available in the world that are 'High Pressure Enhanced' after casting.  

This cutting edge high pressure process causes densification to the platinum and palladium yielding a finished ring up to 20% harder than normal platinum or palladium!  

The result is crisper polishing and a longer lifetime of beauty.    More details including comparison photos are on our High Pressure Enhanced page here.


Timeless Regal for Cushions

Please note that this is for the ring and surprise diamond only, or effectively a finished ring with no center.  

For a ready to wear ring, please select an appropriate round center stone (6.5mm - 11mm cushion cut) and add it to your cart and checkout with both the ring and center stone.  

We will automatically size and assemble into a finished ring for you. 


Additional Details:

Surprise top grade, natural diamond on the underside.

Comfort fit shank for ease and comfort during daily wear.

Even the inside of the prongs are polished to ensure maximum shine from every angle.

A matching band to make a complete wedding set is available here.



While this ring does feature a softened knife edge for a stunning visual effect, it is still quite comfortable to wear.



Width, top:  2.25mm

Width, bottom: 2.2mm

Thickness, top: 2.25mm

Thickness, bottom: 1.45mm


Height off stone off of finger:  A 2.25ct. stone sits 6.82mm high.


Due to our sales volume, please allow an average of 15-20 business days between placing an order for this ring and receiving it. Please do not send an e-mail to inquire about the status of your order until at least two to three full weeks have passed since order placement.

We do not accept requests or financial inducements to "rush" a ring order - it does neither of us any good to rush a ring and then ship you a ring that is less than top-quality workmanship, so please plan ahead and order early.   

If you have a special occasion planned that involves your ring order, please specify the date you need the ring by under the special instructions during checkout - we will do everything we can to make sure you have your ring by the date specified.

We hold the right to refuse any order that needs to be delivered within a timeframe we consider inadequate for the satisfactory and high-quality completion of the ring.

We will *not* consider any requests to deliver a ring by a certain date after your order has been placed.

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