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Asha® Hearts & Arrows Round

  • Studio photo - Our Asha, 9mm H&A Round.  (note - this photo has been frequently stolen and used to represent "diamonds" on various sites.)
  • Studio photo
  • Image 3
  • Image 4
  • Customer photo in Tiffany reproduction style ring (Cricketgrrl on BTD msg boards)
  • 7.5mm H Asha H&A in Regal Reproduction Ringl.  Ring size 8.5 and is Valorium.
  • Customer photo (Cyn on BTD msg boards) - 5ct Round H&A Asha
  • Customer photo (Cyn) - 5ct round H&A Asha
  • Customer photo (MsgBoard member Lannie) - Asha round in James Allen ring
  • Customer photo - ElizabethW, 1.5ct round Asha
  • Customer photo - v6 Asha - Lannie (BTD msg boards)
  • Customer photo:
Top ring set with $16,000.00 2.5ct diamond
Bottom ring set with $395.00 2.5ct H&A asha
  • Comparison picture of rounds ranging from .5ct to 2.75ct
  • Comparison picture of rounds ranging from .5ct to 2.75ct
  • Image 15
  • 1.25 Asha in customers setting
  • Image 17
  • E color Asha (version 5) vs. H/I color Asha
  • Version 5 compared to D/IF diamond
  • Version 5 - E color on left, H/I on right
  • Version 5 - E color on left,  H/I color on right
  • Version 5 - E color on left, H/I color on right
  • Version 5 - E color on left, H/I on right (in shaded lighting)
  • Asha 2ct round
  • Customer photo (DiamondGirl3660) - 6mm Asha
  • Customer photo (DiamondGirl3660) - 6mm Asha
  • Asha during our quality control inspection process
  • Asha ready for coating process
  • Asha solitaire - customer photo
  • CZ vs Asha three stone - customer photo
  • Customer photo showing sizes from 5mm - 9mm (.50, .75, 1.0, 1.25, 1.50, 2.0, 2.75ct).  Her ring finger is approximately a size 6.
  • Customer photo showing sizes from 5mm - 9mm (.50, .75, 1.0, 1.25, 1.50, 2.0, 2.75ct).  Her ring finger is approximately a size 6.
  • Our Timeless Halo in platinum, ring size 6.5 and set with a 7.5mm F/G Asha simulated diamond.
  • Our Timeless Halo in platinum, ring size 6.5 and set with a 7.5mm F/G Asha simulated diamond.
  • Our Timeless Halo in platinum, ring size 6.5 and set with a 7.5mm F/G Asha simulated diamond.
  • Our Timeless Halo in platinum, ring size 6.5 and set with a 7.5mm F/G Asha simulated diamond.
  • Image 37
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Product Description

"I just wanted to let you know that we recently purchased a 1.5 carat Asha round and took it to the LA Jewelry Mart to find a setting. 

Three certified gemologists did not know it was a simulant, and even when I told one of them he wanted me to prove it!"

 - Customer Testimonial

Asha®  Hearts & Arrows Round:
  • Our best-selling gem, available in F and H color (GIA Diamond Grading scale colors)
  • Hearts and Arrows' cut to maximize brilliance - less than 2% of all natural diamonds are cut this well.
  • Patented product using amorphous diamond and optical enhancement - we are the official inventor and manufacturer., a consumer website focused on diamond education, has posted their review of the Asha:

Studio Photo: 2.75ct Asha H&A Round Brilliant


Customer photo showing the 'Arrows' in our Hearts & Arrows Asha round
Less than 2% of all natural diamonds are cut to this precision
The ring is our
Tiffany reproduction ring.  Photo by Cricketgrrl

Asha® H&A Beauty objectively measured and compared:

Asha® H&A 1.00ct sample results, using Gemex Brilliancescope system.

*Typical American Round Brilliant cut diamond (normally cut to maximize finished weight vs. optimal beauty)
The above photos and scales are copyright Gemex Systems

To learn more about the BrillianceScope test result of our Asha® H&A Round regarding brilliance, sparkle and fire, click here.

If you cannot decide which carat size you'd like to purchase, you may find the Asha® stone size comparison page helpful.

For additional size perspective, or comparisons between different cuts, please download the size chart.

Asha® Round Highlights:  
  • Free UPS Shipping (US domestic orders)
    available on domestic orders over $500

    via UPS 2 Day at no charge to you. 

Asha H&A showing its arrows under the H&A scope

  • You will be pleased or a full refund will be promptly issued:
  • See our satisfaction guarantee here - you must be thrilled with your purchase, or we will gladly return your funds.


Lower pricing!  In order to answer our customers #1 request of lowering the price of Asha without sacrificing quality,
(and in opposite of Moissanite's recent price hike) we have introduced an additional 25% price reduction
We are able to offer this due to manufacturing efficiencies gained by our increased volume of rounds, and by our no longer offering the lifetime limited warranty.  
Customers who purchased before May 24, 2005 are still covered by the original Asha lifetime warranty.   
Purchases from 5/24/05 and forward still have the 40 day return policy with no lifetime warranty (but lower purchase price).


  • Learn more about Hearts and Arrows (H&A) cuts - 

Heart and Arrows, Ideal cut, and standard round brilliant all have the same number of facets (57).  

The difference lies in the angles, proportions, and symmetry of the facets.  

These differences result in widely differing brilliance (light return), with H&A offering the best light return in exchange 
for significantly more weight lost during cutting, and substantially more cutting precision required.  Learn more here.




2ct, H&A round cut natural mined diamond, F color, VS clarity:  $20,500
2ct H&A round cut Asha, F color, VS clarity:  $300

Compare the pricing on our Asha® to the pricing of a natural diamond (prices from, taken on June 27, 2015):

1.5ct H color / VS1 clarity / Ideal cut = $14,145  (link)    vs.  $315 Asha

1.5ct F color / VS1 clarity / Ideal cut = $17,820 (link)   vs.  $315 Asha

2.01ct H color / VS1 clarity / Ideal cut = $29,142  (link)  vs.  $360 Asha

2.01ct F color / VS1 clarity / **H&A cut** = $41,735  (link)  vs.  $360 Asha

2.50ct H color / VS1 clarity / Ideal cut = $40,095  (link)  vs.  $395 Asha

2.50ct F color / VS1 clarity / Ideal cut = $54,165  (link)  vs.  $395 Asha


3.00ct H color / VS1 clarity / Ideal cut = $67,297 (link)  vs.  $445 Asha

3.00ct F color / IF clarity / Ideal cut = $144,484  (link)  vs.  $445 Asha



H&A round cut natural mined diamond, F color, VS clarity:  $36,901 for a 2ct 
H&A round cut Asha, F color, VS clarity:  $360 for a 2ct



Asha® Hearts & Arrows Rounds:

Sample grading report 
(not included with purchase, shown as example only)  

Wondering what size would work best for you?  Here are two links that can help in that decision:


Version 6 Asha is now available for all sizes, and is all we stock now.  
Details on the new version are here.


We can set your Round H&A Asha stone into any of our settings meant for a round center stone, including the following settings: our 1895 Cartier-style ReproductionTimeless Tapered Baguette, our Timeless Viva, our Micropave Cathedral (2 row or 3 row), our Timeless Micropave Halo for Rounds, our Tiffany Reproduction, our Timeless Statement, our Tapered Solstice Solitaire, our Tiffany Cathedral, or our Classic Tiffany.  When you order a ring and a stone within the same order, we will set your stone free of charge!

Other Details

Average is VS
Depth of 4mm:
Depth of 5mm:
Depth of 6mm:
Depth of 6.5mm:
Depth of 7mm:
Depth of 7.5mm:
Depth of 8mm:
Depth of 8.5mm:
Depth of 9mm:
Depth of 9.25mm:
Depth of 9.5mm:

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Product Reviews

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  1. Stone is chipped under the prong

    By Salewsky on May 11th, 2011

    The stone is very amazing!
    Unfortunately 1 week later the stone (1ct) chipped on the site of the prong. On the one hand there was no external forceful impact, on the other hand it is impossible to damage the stone at this position, because it is exactly broken under the prong. I think the center stone was under to much tenseness. Unfortunately there is no warranty, so i have to pay for a new stone. It's a real bother! As a gesture of goodwill, i hoped for free change, but that is not possible.

  2. Absolutely amazing! Is this a real diamond?

    By Unknown on April 20th, 2011

    I recently purchased the Asha 8.5mm (2.5ct), H color Hearts and Arrows Round and I am blown away by its beauty! My partner and I decided to go with a Asha rather than a real diamond to save financially. I was leery at first purchasing this product because I have never seen one in person. When I first opened the packaging I could not believe my eyes. It truly looks like a real H colored diamond and shines even better! I am so pleased with my purchase and the helpful service I received at Better Than Diamonds. Their name explains it all, they truly are better than diamonds!

  3. Thrilled with my purchase

    By Unknown on November 28th, 2010

    I am more than thrilled with my purchase! It is very rare these days to find a business that offers both a great product AND great service but BTD definitely fits the bill!!!

    My transacation was handled quickly, efficiently, and courteously.

    My ring sparkles like crazy! Comparing it to my "real" diamonds I cannot tell the difference! What a beautiful ring! I can't stop looking at it!!! Thank you SO much!

  4. really not real??

    By Jane on October 19th, 2010

    So I was skeptical, very skeptical! It all sounded faar too good to be true. I ordered a 2.75 ct round (H colour- wonderfully realistic as the higher grades just look TOO icy for me) and it looks AMAZIN! Honestly it would not be very difficult for me/us to afford the real thing this size but I just think it would be SUCH a waste!!! The diamond industry is filthy, corrupt and a carefully released consumer driven frenzy. Diamonds are beautiful but with Asha's who is really going to be stupid enough to waste all that money?!?? My only concern is that it will scratch or chip but even then having it replaced would not be a huge expense.
    Overall- very happy with it, cannot stop staring at it and cannot wait to have it mounted into my custom designed ring (figured I can spend extra on having a ring made to my exact specifications considering what Im saving!)
    Highly recommend! And to all those skeptics out there- just try it!

  5. Look no further, Asha is the way to go

    By Unknown on July 30th, 2010

    "I received my 1ct Asha round (F color) and it's gorgeous!! I took it in to my jeweler
    and compared it to a 1ct D color and F color (both worth over $5K) and the Asha round looked
    VERY good next to two real diamonds. I'm impressed, and very happy that we didn't have to pay
    a fortune to get that some quality look and feel. I'm so happy I did my research and found you guys!
    The jeweler asked me, "Is this moissanite?" and I said, "No, it's an Asha". He wasn't familiar,
    but I know he asked because he was amazed as well. I am looking forward to purchasing more items
    from you all in the future! Thanks so much. And to those who are looking for the best simulant, look no further....
    Asha is the way to go!"

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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

  • Beautiful! But but be mindful of wear and tear.

    By Unknown on 23rd Dec 2017

    I have the 6.5 mm Hearts and Arrows round in my engagement ring. I have been wearing it daily for almost 5 years now. I will say first of all that it is a beautiful product. My grandmother, who owns a lot of fine jewelry, commented that it was the most beautiful diamond she'd ever seen. :)

    However, I am probably looking to replace the stone in the next couple of years. I've worn it constantly and have been hard on it--admittedly probably too hard. I have some chips at some of the facets of the stone, and a scratch across the top. I have not made any attempts to be very careful of the stone, either, though. I imagine if I'd removed it while doing projects around my house and so forth, it most likely would have held up better.

    It was a great value, though, and it looks indistinguishable from a diamond. I would recommend it and would buy it again. I'd just be a little more careful next time.

  • Very good product - but out of stock all the time

    By GIA Gemologist on 2nd Nov 2015

    Need 9.5mm, 10mm
    Out of stock for 9mm all the time!
    If it is not "out of stock", I can give a 5 stars.
    As a Gemologist, I think it is one of the best diamond simulant that mankind have ever made. It can not fool a gemologist, but it can fool thousands of other people.

  • 1 year ring-versary

    By Francesca on 30th Jul 2015

    I have been holding out on a review in order to really test the stone. (Keep in mind I do work hands on everyday)
    THIS RING IS AWESOME! I work 5-6 days a week mostly with my hands and haven't seen a single scratch or dulling in the stone. The only thing I could see as a problem is if you don't have a solitaire, as i have noticed if I don't clean it often it will seem dull. Cleaning a solitaire takes me fifteen seconds, so it does not bother me at all.
    I deal with about 300+ people a day, and an guaranteed at least three to five compliments. Most asking how recent I was proposed to because it's still so sparkly!
    This ring is amazing! Not to mention ethical!

  • Beautiful, but seeing wear and tear...

    By AScratchICantItch on 9th Jul 2014

    I have a 2ct Asha round set in the Tiffany reproduction ring. It was holding up well, but now, at the 15 month mark, there is a scratch across the table, and a small chip at the edge. Of course, nobody can see it unless they are closely inspecting the stone...but I know it is there.

    My ring goes through normal wear and tear. I have a desk job. I don't do much hands on stuff with the exception of carrying groceries and laundry baskets. Not exactly going rock climbing with my ring on, you know?

    The advertisement is correct in that the aesthetic quantities of the stone are fabulous, but keep in mind that it is not indestructible. Even real diamonds can chip and scratch.

    Unfortunately, the return policy is 40 days which isn't enough time to assess durability.

  • Fooled the Jeweler!

    By Emily on 6th Mar 2014

    For my birthday a few years ago, my father gave me an heirloom ring. It's a gorgeous intricately made art deco solitaire ring, made of 18K white gold, from the 1930's. A true work of art and craftsmanship.

    I've kept it tucked away for a few years, thinking someday I would have a real stone put in the ring. I recently began shopping around for a diamond, only to be shellshocked by the pricetag associated with a 7mm H&A round brilliant cut diamond.

    When given to me, it had a 'dummy stone' (a pink plastic stone that had seen better days) and while I wanted to put a diamond in the setting, I can't justify the $10K+ expense.

    Upon doing some research, I landed on the Asha. It was the perfect way to do justice to my heirloom setting without breaking the bank.

    I took the Asha and my setting to a local upscale/well-known jeweler to inquire about setting the stone. I never revealed it was a sim, simply referring to it as a "stone" for the sake of gauging his reaction.

    He was enthralled by the stone--looking at it with his loupe, going on about how clear it was, admiring the brilliance and lack of flaws. He then got up to take a closer look in another area (perhaps a diamond tester?) and came back and asked if it was a "CZ." I explained it was an Asha, a very high quality simulant diamond.

    He said he was very impressed by the stone--and remarked of the quality of the Asha compared to other CZs he has seen. He even mentioned he was thrown because most "CZ's" are marked as such, which the Asha is not.

    I returned not long after to pick up my ring and it looks amazing---the Asha sparkles in that heirloom setting like a diamond. Best of all, it's my little secret that it isn't, in fact, a diamond. Fooling even a seasoned jeweler was enough to make me feel confident in my purchase.

    Overall, I had a wonderful buying experience and will be back again for another Asha!

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